INTEL REPORT: Nazi Group Working with Russia


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I. Executive Summary:

The Sovereign American Project (SAP) is an extremist group with a radical white supremacist ideology that advocates for the overthrow of the United States Government (USG) and the development of armed militias. The SAP promotes the use of militias, right of conquest, Euro-Christian values, and idealizing past-European colonization. In addition, the SAP promotes white supremacist values, male domination over women, natural law, and they are anti-LGBTQ, anti-feminist, and anti-immigrant/immigration. SAP utilizes intelligence tradecraft practices to prevent the general public from being able to fully know their agenda. Due to the operational value that SAP, and its current leader, Noah Revoy, could represent to a hostile foreign intelligence service, and coupled with Revoy’s ties to and positive view of Russia, we believe Revoy and SAP could be a witting asset of a Russian intelligence service. Of equal potential counter-intelligence (CI) concern is the strong ties that we have illuminated between Revoy, SAP and Richard Nikoley – who appears to have extensive experience within the U.S. Navy, and has an IP address belonging to a classified USG network information center. Demonstrating their likely criminal and extremist nature, Revoy and the other key leaders within SAP utilize some of the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP’s) that are the same as those used by major foreign terrorist groups like Al-Qaida and the Islamic State. Given their heavy emphasis on white male supremacy, their misogynistic attitudes, and some of the training courses they offer online to “attract better spouses” – there is a possibility that Revoy, and some of the other principals of SAP, are engaged in aspects of human and sex trafficking. Supporting this assessment is Jonathan Lawlor’s connection to Erotisk LLC Principals which he established in 2010 with Juan G Negron (Lawlor is a principal in SAP). Erotisk was intended to vend sexual enhancement supplementals. In addition, Revoys has a close connection to Daryush Roosh Valizadeh who is well known for his controversial beliefs on nonconsensual sexual contact and for being a self- proclaimed “sex tourist” worldwide. For all of the above reasons, we strongly recommend that SAP and its leadership cadre be investigated by the appropriate U.S. authorities as they may pose a danger to other Americans and the USG.

II. Key Judgements:

-SAP is a registered non-profit group based in Florida that promotes an ultra-right wing, white supremacist ideology. As part of that ideology, SAP advocates for the overthrow of the USG, and the formation and training of “militias”. SAP is led and driven by Noah Revoy – a Canadian citizen who is currently living in Portugal. While SAP’s ideology is clearly extreme and promotes a major objective that certainly would entail violence (overthrowing the USG). -We believe it is possible that Revoy and SAP could be a witting asset of a foreign power, most likely Russia, given Revoy’s Internet ties and links to Russia and his stated positive views of that country. Revoy and SAP would be very appealing from a human intelligence (HUMINT) perspective to both the Russian foreign intelligence service (SVR) and Russian military intelligence service (GRU) as covert “agents of influence”. Russian SVR and GRU could potentially use Revoy and SAP to sow hate, distrust, and disinformation inside the U.S. as a means to weaken and attack the American homeland. At the same time, Russian intelligence officers (IO’s) could potentially utilize SAP to spot and assess American citizens of operational interest as possible HUMINT sources. SAP has confirmed connections to foreign citizens and also U.S. citizens who live outside the U.S.

-Of major concern for us is the apparent strong link between Revoy/SAP and Richard Nikoley – who has an IP address that resolves to a U.S. Air Force Department of Defense (DOD) network information center. Additional IP addresses linked to Nikoley show extensive knowledge of online tradecraft and ensuring that his data is encrypted or destroyed at his will. Nikoley’s background may include extensive experience in the U.S. Navy as an assistant missile officer, electrical officer and fleet scheduling and logistics officer. This indicates that Revoy and SAP may be exploiting Nikoley’s access to USG classified information for SAP objectives, or worse, that Revoy may be using Nikoley’s access to USG secret information to collect intelligence for a Russian intelligence service. An additional individual of concern is Curt Doolittle. Curt Doolittle has deep ties to Revoy and Nikoley. They share the same beliefs and often co-host YouTube videos, podcasts, or written blogs. We believe that Curt Doolittle is involved in the Doolittle Institute, an Air Force Research Laboratory Innovation Institute supporting the Air Force Research Labs Munitions Directorate with technology to all rapid technology delivery. The link between Revoy/SAP, Nikoley and Doolittle represents a potential major CI issue and should be investigated fully.

-Revoy, and the other principals of SAP, utilize TTP’s that mimic those used by USG designated foreign terrorist groups. Revoy practices good operational security and tradecraft by camouflaging and switching his IP addresses when he is conducting online activities. Revoy utilizes various social media platforms to promote and market various “services”, including life coaching and leadership. These social media platforms, some of which are commercially encrypted, could be used for clandestine fundraising and communications with other SAP members. These are specific TTP’s that are commonly practiced by major foreign terrorist groups like HAMAS, Al-Qaida, Hezbollah and the Islamic State.

-Revoy promotes SMV4K – a website that advertises, “raising your sexual market value and finding your ideal spouse…….in a private community. Revoy is tied to “The Return of The Kings (ROK)”, started by Daryush (Roosh) Valizadeh, on the ROK blog page, it is common to see articles about nonconsensual sexual contact and implied pedophilia. Valizadeh is well known for novels he published with many references to rape and his belief that rape should be “legalized” when committed on private property. In addition, Revoy has links to, and has spoken at events hosted by groups that have “male dominance” as one of their central tenets. We believe this may indicate the propensity of Revoy and SAP to become involved with aspects of human and/or sex trafficking networks.


The Sovereign American Project, Inc. is a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Florida and operating as a 501(c)4 organization. It was founded in 2020 by Matthew Lawlor (Lawlor), Nathaniel Major (Major), and Noah Revoy (Revoy). According to their website,, their mission is to save inheritance by requesting website viewers to help, “reverse the cultural, demographic, and economic decline of America.”. Specifically, the Sovereign American Project (SAP) claims to be dedicated to community building, social welfare, and political activism. Their goal is to revitalize the Constitution of the United States in order to reverse the demographic, cultural, and economic decline of heritage America. They aim to institute changes that will ensure that future generations will be served by a parasite-proof government that recognizes the sovereignty of and adheres to Natural Law.

The SAP promotes the use of militias, right of conquest, Euro-Christian values, and idealizing past-European colonization. In addition, the SAP promotes white supremacist values, male domination over women, natural law, and they are anti-LGBTQ, anti-feminist, and anti- immigrant/immigration. “Rule of Law is only sustainable when a sufficient body of high Agency men federate together to protect their commons from being undermined. … Therefore, we must ensure that our commons is producing a sufficient number of capable and incentivized men as needed to enforce Rule of Law. “—Noah J Revoy

The Sovereign American Project has direct ties to the Propertarian Institute, in beliefs and in team members. Noah Revoy offers his coaching services and instruction within the institute founded by an individual, Curt Doolittle, residing in Kiev, Ukraine. The institute offers courses in War Planning, Leadership of Heterogenous Groups, Art and Propaganda and more. Courses within the institute could lead to a bachelor’s degree in 4th Generation Warfare. The intention of Curt Doolittle, the institutes founder, is to attempt to recruit individuals to sign his “Declaration of Reformation”. Curt Doolittle does little to cover his extremist views, expressing such in the Institute Oath , “I am an Aryan if 1) I proudly display my excellences so that others seek to achieve or exceed them; 2) I seek competition to constantly test and improve myself so I do not weaken; 3) I swear to speak no insult and demand it; 4) I speak the truth and demand it; 5) I take nothing not paid for and demand it; 6) I grant sovereignty to my kin and demand it; 7) I insure my people regardless of condition, and demand it; and in doing so leave nothing but voluntary Sovereign American Project Page 5 of 16


markets of cooperation between sovereign men; and to discipline, enserf, enslave, ostracize or kill those who do otherwise; 8) to not show fear or cowardice, abandon my brothers, or retreat, and 9) to die a good death in the service of my kin, my clan, my tribe and my people. As far as I know, this is all that is required of me to be an Aryan.”. Burton Edwin “Curt” Doolittle was born in Bristol, Connecticut. He grew up in Canandaigua, New York but eventually returned to Connecticut where he attended The University of Hartford. He spent one year studying engineering and one year in prelaw and eventually completed a program for Fine Art and Art History. Doolittle founded or was a principle in a series of technology companies including Ascentium Capital LLC, Data Dimensions, Redmond Technology Partners, he also was a chief technology officer for Ascentium Capital LLC is widely viewed as a complete scam of a business. Although they claim to provide the best business solutions, such as card readers for payment services and business loans, in reality they mislead and trap clients into long term lease agreements without disclosing the details or by using fraudulent signatures. After conducting research, over 60 dissatisfied customers can be found with claims that Ascentium has stolen tens of thousands of dollars, performed fraudulent business practices, forgery, deceit, misrepresentation and more. We believe this may be insight into funding opportunities for the institute and SAP.

After founding these companies and eventually “retiring” to pursue philosophy full time, Curt became a proclaimed member of the Mises Institute. Mises is a paleolibertarian non-profit “think-tank” criticized for being neo-confederate, right-wing and purportedly supportive of white nationalist groups. The initial entrance into this institute may have inspired Curt Doolittle to create the Propertarian Institute after having issues with some of the major leaders at Mises who did not fully support his ideas. Further, the Propertarian Institute reportedly held a “roundtable” meeting at the Kimmel Center for University Life in 2017. The event was titled, “Western Civilization: Circumventing the Frankfurt and Postmodern Schools”. Flyers were posted for the event across the Kimmel site by Identity Evropa, an American Neo-Nazi and white supremacist organization. The hashtag “#ProjectSiege” was linked to the meeting, referring to Identity Evropa’s college student recruitment campaign of the same name. Project Siege has been identified across over 40 college campuses.

Further, it is my belief that he is also involved in the Doolittle Institute. The Doolittle Institute is an Air Force Research Laboratory Innovation Institute supporting the Air Force Research Labs Munitions Directorate with technology to all rapid technology delivery. Essentially, the Institute conducts storing and the dissemination of very clandestine military intelligence that is passed to ‘boots on the ground’ military personnel and the intelligence community that serve their missions. Curt Doolittle’s connection to the institute is evidenced images of robotics program in Tampa, Florida thanking him for being a sponsor for their program. This connection potentially allows him to view, share, and make changes to extremely sensitive U.S. Military operational and logistical intelligence. Due to his claims to reside in Kiev, Ukraine, and his close connection to Daryush Valizadeh, who also currently resides in Kiev, brings cause for immense concern. Valizadeh can be linked to an IP address,, that geolocates to Novanninsky, Russia.

Intelligence Analysis:

The connection between Revoy, Doolittle, and Nikoley form a perfect trail of connections from the US, Portugal and Russia. It allows us to view how they are in contact, what they have in common and how they may be conducting business and where. The common links include Lego League and The US Airforce intelligence access. Noah Revoy and his spouse, Ana Raquel Silva/Revoy, are well established in Portugal. They own a business, “Jump Up Learning”, they

offer a robotics club, robotics laboratory and Lego workshops and they are also heavily involved in the “First Lego League” of Portugal, Silva has been an operational partner since 2004.

The connection to Lego League continues through to Curt Doolittle and Richard Nikoley. Curt Doolittle of the Propertarian Institute and of the Doolittle Institute has sponsored robotic engineering teams participating in Lego League Roboticon events in Tampa Florida. Richard Nikoley and Curt Doolittle are members of the Propertarian Institute and now show a viable connection to military operational knowledge and possibly military intelligence access. Noah Revoy has a close connection to Richard Nikoley (Nikoley), raising immense concern over risk to the US based on intelligence gathered and analyzed. Richard Nikoley claims to have extensive

Doolittle Institute

experience serving in the U.S. Navy as an assistant Missile Officer, Electrical Officer, and a fleet scheduling/logistics managing officer. He has a vast online presence and following, he claims to reside in Thailand. An IP address directly linked to him displayed a connection to an U.S. Air Force DoD Network Information Center and two other signaled connections to software allowing Nikoley to permanently delete data and to conduct business online incognito.

Through the use of their immersive online presence, The Sovereign American Project is able to share their extremist views with a large audience and connect with individuals around the world with similar idealizations. SAP uses well designed marketing methods to give a sense of secrecy, supremacy, and a higher society within. In order to be included in their “higher society”, payment is necessary. Revoy has secured a growing support base and joined a community of American ultra-conservatives. However, what makes the SAP and Revoy stand apart from the many other newly formed far-right groups is that the SAP and Revoy use more secure communication methods (private chat and app messaging) and more sophisticated internet protocols (VPNs), making it difficult to get access to their true plans and intentions. The SAP requires members to join by paying a membership fee. It can be assessed that the fees gathered from memberships, courses, and consulting accumulate into the group’s funds for training, conventions, and equipment.

It is evident that Nathaniel Major plays a major role in the group’s knowledge of cyber intelligence, coding, limiting social media presence or using social media in an untraceable way.

Revoy is using the SAP for his own personal gain to promote his views and his business in America. Revoy is regularly hosted on YouTube channels of likeminded peers and has partnered up with Ryan Drummond promoting a paid 12-week program which focuses on regaining masculinity. Revoy promotes on all his own social media platforms his life coaching business. Revoy’s social media platforms likely further serve as a communication platform for the SAP.

Additional Background Data:

1. Noah J Revoy
Twitter: Coach Noah Revoy | 5GW Arms Dealer For The Soul (@NoahRevoy) / Twitter Facebook: Noah Revoy
YouTube: Noah Revoy
Gab: Noah Revoy
Minds: Noah J Revoy
Phone: +xxx 960 496 xxx (Portugal), +351 960 xxx xxxx
Previous residence: 24 xxxxxxx Ave, xxxxxxx ON, L1P1S2 (Canada)

CONFIDENTIAL TACTICAL RABBIT, INC Possible current address: Largo Emilio Infante Da Camara 7 Santarem Portugal 2000-

051(Possibly linked to a Lego Distribution center)

2. Ana Raquel Silva/Revoy Spouse of Noah Revoy

YouTube: Ana Raquel Silva – YouTube

3. Nathaniel Major
SAP profile: Phone: 740-xxx-xxxx, 740-xxx-xxxx
Email: [email protected],
[email protected]
IP Addresses:
SSN : xxxx-xx-xxxx
DOB : xx/xx/xxxx – age 31
Married to Jessica M Major (nee wollenberg)
KeyBase: westernrevival (Nate Major) | Keybase
BitChute: WesternRevival (
Parler: @westernrevival19 – Western Revival (
Youtube: Western Revival – YouTube

4. Jonathan Lawlor
SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx
DOB: xx/xx/xxxx
Driver License #: L xxx-433-76-xxx-x
Phone: 561-xxx-xxxx, 561-xxx-xxxx, 561-xxx-xxxx Email:[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

IP Address:,,, (Connected to a Utah Education Network),
Address: xxxxx Briar Bay BLVD APT xxxxx, West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Criminal Charges: Traffic violations, Aggravated Battery

Owned Businesses: Force Distribution LLC – Florida, JML & Associates Inc

5. Burton Edwin Curt Doolittle Twitter: @curtdoolittle
Facebook: Curt Doolittle [Class Action] Twitter: @curtdoolittle Sovereign American Project Page 9 of 16


Gab: Curt Doolittle
Minds: Propertarianism
Quora: Curt Doolittle
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxxx
Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],

Business: Propertarian Institute

  • Propertarianism – The Philosophy of Western Civilization in Scientific Terms (
  • Phone : +18603651408
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Propertarianism – The Philosophy of Western Civilization in ScientificTerms(
  • Telegram:
  • The Propertarian Institute – YouTube

6. Richard Nikoley
Free the Animal:
Amazon: Nikoley Books
Blubrry: Richard Nikoley – Free The Animal (
Website: Anarchy Begins At Home – Exploring the wild human animal –
Pinterest: Richard Nikoley (rnikoley) – Profile | Pinterest
Sane: Richard Nikoley – Free the Animal | SANEShow (
Rental Property in Mexico: 1BR Master Suite – Grand Solmar Land’s End – Cabo’s Premier 5- Star Resort & Spa – Cabo San Lucas (
High Intensity Business: The Best Low-Carb, Keto, & Paleo Experts | High Intensity Business IP Addresses: to a US Airforce Information Network Center, Email:

[email protected], AS27064 DoD Network Information Center

, Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx, xxx-xxx-xxxx, xxx-xxx-xxxx, xxx-xxx-xxxx

–, Bases In The State of Ohio – Military Bases)

Email: [email protected], [email protected] Sovereign American Project Page 10 of 16


7. Daryush (Roosh) Valizadeh
Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].
IP:,,, (Connected to Rostelecom, geolocates to Novanninsky, Russia)

Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx