Welcome to Tactical Rabbit’s Stock Market Fraud Division

Protecting American Investors from Market Manipulation

Our Mission

At Tactical Rabbit, we’re dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of financial markets. Our new Stock Market Fraud Division is at the forefront of combating manipulative schemes like pump-and-dump and other fraudulent activities that threaten investor trust and market stability.

What We Do

Using cutting-edge intelligence techniques and financial expertise, our team identifies, reports, and exposes fraudulent activities in the stock market. Our focus is on ensuring a fair and transparent trading environment for all investors.

How We Operate

1. Intelligence Gathering

Utilizing advanced surveillance and data analysis tools to detect signs of market manipulation.

2. Research

Conducting thorough research into suspicious activities, tracing the roots of fraudulent schemes.

3. Reporting

Collaborating with regulatory bodies and law enforcement to report fraudulent activities.

4. Public Awareness

Educating investors about the signs of stock market fraud and how to protect themselves.