Meet our CEO & Intelligence Director

Everett Stern’s journey from a whistleblower in a major financial scandal to the head of a private intelligence firm highlights his commitment to uncovering the truth, promoting ethical practices, and combating fraudulent activities. His work continues to influence discussions around corporate responsibility and financial integrity.

Everett Stern is an American businessman, intelligence specialist, and whistleblower. He gained significant public attention for his role in uncovering and exposing the money laundering activities at HSBC, a major international bank.

Background and Career

HSBC Whistleblowing: Stern’s most notable contribution was during his time working at HSBC. He was employed as an anti-money laundering (AML) compliance officer and discovered that the bank was involved in laundering billions of dollars for drug cartels, terrorist organizations, and sanctioned countries. His whistleblowing led to HSBC being fined $1.9 billion by U.S. authorities in 2012, one of the largest penalties imposed on a bank.

Formation of Tactical Rabbit

After his experience at HSBC, Stern founded Tactical Rabbit, a private intelligence agency. As the CEO and Intelligence Director, he leads the company in providing intelligence services, focusing on areas like strategic intelligence gathering, risk assessment, and due diligence. The firm is known for its work in exposing corruption, fraud, and other illegal activities.

Advocacy and Public Speaking

Following his whistleblowing experience, Stern became an advocate for greater transparency and ethical conduct in the financial sector. He is a public speaker, sharing his insights on corporate ethics, financial crimes, and the importance of whistleblowing.

Educational Efforts

Stern is involved in educational initiatives, aiming to raise awareness about money laundering and the significance of ethical business practices.

Media Presence

His story and subsequent work in intelligence and anti-corruption have been covered in various media outlets, contributing to his recognition as a key figure in the field of corporate ethics and compliance.

Everett Stern’s journey from a whistleblower to the head of a private intelligence agency reflects his dedication to combating financial crimes and advocating for ethical business practices. His actions have had a significant impact on how financial institutions handle compliance and anti-money laundering efforts.