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Tactical Rabbit is excited to announce our renewed focus on anti-money laundering, counterintelligence, anti-counterfeiting, and protecting against trade secret theft.

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Counterfeiting undermines the integrity of financial systems, puts consumers at risk, and funds organized crime and terrorism.

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Anti-Money Laundering measures are crucial to maintain the integrity of the global financial system and to combat drug trafficking, terrorism financing, and organized crime.

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Anti-Money Laundering

We use AI and Machine Learning to provide our clients with even more comprehensive insights.

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Artificial Intelligence

Thief taking Confidential Document from filing cabinet

Our approach to counter intelligence is highly customized and proactive.

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Discover your organization’s physical, process, and human vulnerabilities.

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Red Team

Trade secret thefts can result in significant financial losses.

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Trade Secret Theft

Tactical Rabbit is not just support. We are your strategic ally in success.

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Legal Support

Tactical Rabbit is not just compliance. We’re a partner in your success.

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Tactical Rabbit is not just intelligence. We’re your key to financial transparency.

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Financial Intelligence

Our Political Intelligence programs offer a unique way for our clients to drive their message and identify opposition shortfalls, navigate political risks and seize opportunities.

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Political Intelligence

Possession of up-to-date intelligence allows you to be informed, provides forewarning to a company or individual, to prepare, is key to an effective response system.

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Cyber Intelligence

Tactical Rabbit can help you find the best solution to your supply dilemma.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Our Public Relations program specializes in enhancing your organization’s public image and reputation.

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Public Relations

Let us fight for you health and lower your healthcare costs.

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We have a proven track record of success in advocating for those who see something wrong and want to make a difference.

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