Private Intelligence Agency

Tactical Rabbit is a Private Intelligence Agency (PIA) not a Private Investigator or Detective Service. We launch intelligence operations not investigations.

As a PIA Tactical Rabbit operates as a non-governmental private intel organization that devotes its operations to the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information.

We use the proprietary evaluation of open source and human intelligence implementation of CIA intelligence methodologies and tradecraft.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to fight corruption, promote justice, defend the Constitution and the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic.


Tactical Rabbit is composed of an international team of aggressive, former data driven intelligence analysts and operational targeters; as well as former CIA field operations officers, FBI agents, NSA operators, U.S. Special Forces, and military intelligence.

About Tactical Rabbit

What problem can we solve?

What Intelligence Do You Need?

We use national security tradecraft to collect and assess intelligence data then propose operations to help clients gain leverage, win disputes, identify their opposition and obtain the truth.

Clients, whose identities and cases we keep secret, have used our initial assessment reports, comprehensive intelligence reports, operational roadmaps and tactical recommendations for strategic planning, settling disputes, and improving their positions with business adversaries and competitors.

Where We Operate