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Tactical Rabbit, under the leadership of Everett Stern, combats anti-democracy efforts through a multifaceted approach that leverages intelligence gathering, strategic analysis, and public exposure.

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Here are some key ways in which they work towards this goal:

1. Intelligence Gathering on Anti-Democracy Activities

Tactical Rabbit collects and analyzes intelligence related to activities that threaten democratic principles and institutions. This includes monitoring efforts to undermine free and fair elections, the spread of disinformation, and actions by groups or individuals that aim to destabilize democratic governance.

2. Exposing Disinformation Campaigns

One of the significant threats to democracy in the digital age is the spread of false information. Tactical Rabbit works to identify and expose disinformation campaigns, particularly those orchestrated by state or non-state actors aiming to manipulate public opinion, sow discord, or interfere in democratic processes.

3. Collaboration with Law Enforcement and Government Bodies

In cases where anti-democracy activities may involve illegal actions, Tactical Rabbit collaborates with law enforcement agencies and government bodies, providing them with actionable intelligence that can assist in investigations and legal actions.

4. Public Awareness and Education

Awareness and education are key to combating anti-democracy efforts. Tactical Rabbit engages in public speaking, media appearances, and the publication of reports to educate the public about the nature of threats to democracy and ways to recognize and resist them.

5. Advisory Services to Protect Democratic Processes

Tactical Rabbit offers advisory services to organizations and institutions that are fundamental to the democratic process, such as election boards, political parties, and media outlets. They provide guidance on security measures, risk assessment, and strategies to counteract attempts at undermining democratic practices.

6. Research and Analysis

The company conducts in-depth research and analysis of global and local political trends, assessing risks to democratic institutions and suggesting proactive measures to safeguard them.

7. Supporting Transparency and Accountability

Upholding transparency and accountability in governance and business practices is a core part of their mission. This involves exposing corruption and unethical practices that can erode democratic norms and public trust in institutions.

Everett Stern, with his background in intelligence and whistleblowing, places a strong emphasis on ethical practices and the defense of democratic values in his leadership of Tactical Rabbit. Their efforts are particularly significant in a time where democracies globally are facing various internal and external challenges.