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Cyber Criminals

In the context of cybersecurity and information security, “threat actors” refer to individuals or groups that conduct malicious activities against computer systems, networks, or digital assets.

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Cyber Criminal Threat Actors

There are several types of threat actors, each with different motivations, capabilities, and methods. Here are some common types:

1. Cybercriminals

These actors are motivated primarily by financial gain. They engage in activities such as identity theft, financial fraud, ransomware attacks, and stealing credit card or bank details.

2. Hacktivists

These are individuals or groups who use hacking to promote a political agenda, social change, or ideological beliefs. Their attacks are often targeted at governments, corporations, or other organizations they see as opponents to their cause.

3. State-Sponsored Actors

These actors are supported by national governments and engage in cyber espionage, sabotage, or warfare. They target other governments, critical infrastructure, and key industries to gain strategic, economic, or military advantage.

4. Insider Threats

These are individuals within an organization who abuse their access to harm the organization. This can be either intentional (such as an employee engaging in corporate espionage) or unintentional (such as an employee accidentally exposing sensitive information).

5. Script Kiddies

These are inexperienced hackers who use existing computer scripts or code to launch attacks. While they may lack advanced skills, they can still cause significant disruptions.

6. Terrorist Groups

These actors use cyber attacks as part of their broader terroristic activities. Their goals can include causing fear, disruption, or physical damage through cyber means.

7. Competitors

In some cases, businesses engage in corporate espionage or sabotage against their rivals using cyber attacks.