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What is a whistleblower?

A whistleblower is someone who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity. This Guide to Whistleblowing outlines all the key aspects of how to proceed with a whistleblower situation.

What are the risks whistleblowers may face?

Whistleblowers may face retaliation, attacks on their reputations, bad press, or problems with public relations. They also risk failure if the wrong law firm misrepresents them by filing the case improperly. If the press or regulatory agencies overlook their message, they also run the risk of not being heard at all. And lastly, emotional, physical, and financial well-being is at risk simply for doing the right thing.

Who should whistleblowers contact first?

A whistleblower should first contact Tactical Rabbit to research and certify their claims and then file on their behalf.

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Guide to Whistleblowing

How to Build your Team:

Why is securing a credible agency so important?

Regulatory agencies and law enforcement will listen to Tactical Rabbit because we are credible. The press and the American public also listen to us and take our reports and press conferences seriously because of our stellar reputation. We have a proven track record of success in advocating for those who see something wrong and want to make a difference such as with Sweet Briar College. The students identified the fraud. Tactical Rabbit proved it. And Tactical Rabbit held a press conference, making it a national story, and getting the attention of law enforcement and politicians.

The team should consist of former federal agents that know how the government works and have the ability to identify and then certify the criminal activity. The Tactical Rabbit team knows how to draft complaints to regulatory agencies and file on behalf of whistleblowers properly. This will significantly increase the chances of a reward for their good deeds.

How can Tactical Rabbit serve whistleblowers?

Tactical Rabbit can provide public advocacy by launching the whistleblower’s story in the media while protecting the whistleblower’s identity. Launching a media campaign is important after the regulatory filing because it applies public pressure on government decision-makers to act. Tactical Rabbit can certify the illicit activity, helping the whistleblower’s case, which a law firm cannot do. We file on the client’s behalf with skills above and beyond that of a law firm. Tactical Rabbit is fee-based, and will not take any reward money, unlike a law firm. Tactical Rabbit will also support and provide advice to the whistleblowing client to help them navigate rough waters.

Do whistleblowers need law firms?


The really good whistleblowing law firms are very selective when taking on clients. These few elite firms will not select most whistleblowers.

Many other whistleblowing law firms will take on every case they can. They will not take the time to understand the case or research it. A paralegal, not a lawyer, will file with a regulatory agency and the law firm will hope for a reward so they can take their percentage. They look at whistleblowers as a numbers game – pure statistics. The more cases they file, the higher the chance of getting a reward. They do not care about the whistle-blower or their case. Paralegals and not lawyers will do 99.9 percent of the work except the part where the lawyer in the nice suit tries to get the whistle-blower to sign up.

Tactical Rabbit takes a different, caring, approach that helps the whistleblower holistically.

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What should whistleblowers do when the team is complete?

Whistleblowers should submit all of their documents and evidence to Tactical Rabbit, after which an interview with Tactical Rabbit would take place. We want to hear everything, unlike the law firms that just want the basic facts to file. We want as much detail as possible so we can use CIA intelligence methodologies to research and certify which is a critical part of the process – adding credibility to the case.


How do whistleblowers get the Government and Justice system to listen?

Unfortunately, our Justice system is not set up to listen to average American citizens. A third party must step in to add credibility. Every case is supervised by intelligence professionals. When Tactical Rabbit goes to the government, it is taken much more seriously. Tactical Rabbit cannot ethically or legally promise a federal investigation as Tactical Rabbit is not the government and is not in control of third parties, but a whistleblower’s chance of being heard is much greater with us at their side.

How do whistleblowers research and certify allegations?

Tactical Rabbit staff will research using CIA intelligence methodologies to see if the claims are valid. If they are, Tactical Rabbit will certify the claim.

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Who should file with the regulatory agencies on the Whistleblowers’s behalf?

Tactical Rabbit should file so it is done properly, within the appropriate legal framework, and with all of the facts of our third-party research, which buttress the whistleblower’s allegations.


How does a whistleblower have their claims researched clandestinely to keep their name confidential?

Tactical Rabbit uses proprietary research methods that are modeled after intelligence-gathering operations conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency. Tactical Rabbit gathers intelligence clandestinely so the target never knows they are being researched. The whistleblower’s name and information are kept highly confidential and are never released without explicit permission from the whistleblower.

As a Private Intelligence Agency, confidentiality, protecting sources, and intelligence, and keeping secrets is our number one priority. It is also critical that a Whistleblower keeps that same confidentiality and never tells anyone they hired Tactical Rabbit. We need to be able to operate clandestinely. If the target knows we are researching, it severely limits the operational capacity of our intelligence officers.

Why is confidentiality important to safety?

Clients and their information can never be revealed to anyone without permission because Tactical Rabbit functions as a private CIA. If Tactical Rabbit did not maintain confidentiality and protect the interests of our clients, it would put them at great risk and we would not exist. Intelligence is based on trust and that trust can never be broken.

Tactical Rabbit will never break that trust.

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Why is media attention important?

The media activates the American Public and the public puts pressure on their representatives to take action.

Handling the media well is a significant part of achieving success.


What is an upfront fee for the research and filing?

This fee is decided on a case-by-case basis.

What is an hourly legal fee?

Whistleblowing firms charge about $350-$500 an hour for a non-contingency case. If the whistleblower is lucky they may find a firm that will take the case on contingency, but the lawyer will not be handling the case paralegals will take on the work and very little time will be spent with the Whistleblower. They will just be a number in the statistics game.

What monetary plan is best for the whistleblower?

A whistleblower should pay an upfront cost for research, certification of their claims, and then filing with the regulatory agencies. The reward for the whistleblower can be in the millions. Without a law firm taking 30%– 40% of the reward money, the whistleblower will have much more money in their pocket. Furthermore, by going with Tactical Rabbit the Whistleblower will not only benefit from a higher reward amount but the chances of even getting a reward, to begin with, are higher because a dedicated team will be advocating on their behalf instead, of a paralegal filing a claim.

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