A critical element of what Tactical Rabbit does is the process known as the intelligence cycle. This process has 5 basic steps. It relies upon the circular nature of planning, collecting, processing, analyzing and disseminating information.


The planning stage examines what we know and what we do not know to form a plan of active research. What we know is based on client information in combination with previous or existing research cycles. The cooperation fine tunes the research journey.


Collection is rather simple in its raw form. It is the gathering of information in pursuit of the agreed upon plan. What is more complicated about this collection is the forms of information being gathered and accessing that information. There are 6 types of intelligence forms; Signals (SIGINT), Imagery(IMINT), Measurement and Signature (MASINT), Scientific and technical, Open- Source(OSINT), Publicly available, Geospatial (GEOINT) and Human Intelligence, in person intelligence gathering (HUMIT).


Processing is the organization of data collected. By synthesizing and organizing the data, information can be better analyzed, vetted, interpreted and attributed to the desired research plan. This organization of information sets the stage for analysts to recognize patterns and prepares the information for the layman to understand. Some of the techniques used include language and technology translation,  and message decoding


Analysis is the process of integrating all the above into intelligence products that can be utilized by our clients. All information and analysis is combined to assessments, judgments and alternative scenarios for clients our clients.


Dissemination is the final step, distributing the gathered information in a readable format for our clients. Finished intelligence will assist our clients in decision making and may lead to requests for further examination.


The Cycle


Placement is the collection of “dirty money” and it’s deposit into a financial institution.


Layering is how the money is disguised i.e. through wire transfers, offshore banks, fraudulent loans or payment to a shell/fake company.


Integration is the final step which is the purchase of assets with the laundered money.

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