Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Intelligence

Possession of up-to-date intelligence allows you to be informed, provides forewarning to a company or individual, to prepare, is key to an effective response system. Tactical Rabbit can be a part of your response team. Response and investigation following a cyber-security breach or an ongoing threat can reduce exposure, recover data and allow for a swift and appropriate recalibration of security measures.


Tactical Rabbit offers ransomware protection services. We are a dedicated resource and will be there to help you work through any incidents that may arise in your environment. When an incident arises and you need immediate response, Tactical Rabbit will be there to assist. This service will provide expert response, support, and triage in the event of a suspected cyberattack.

Past Successes

  • Our client in the digital finance industry was defrauded of over $20 million in cryptocurrency. Tactical Rabbit’s intelligence operation identified all perpetrators and located the stolen funds for asset recovery.

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