Mehmet Cengiz Oz


Tactical Rabbit is a Private Intelligence Agency I founded after the HSBC terrorist and drug cartel scandal in 2012. I witnessed billions of dollars going to terrorists and cartels. The terrorist money was being used to make the IED’s to blow up American troops. I passed information to the CIA and FBI for over a year and my evidence led to the largest fine in U.S. History against a bank. Unfortunately, nobody went to jail. In response, I formed Tactical Rabbit to promote Justice, Fight Corruption, and Hold People Accountable.

I formed a Tactical Rabbit National Security Division that collects intelligence and fills in intelligence gaps of the United States Government. The work of the National Security Division also launches and produces intelligence reports for the American public as I am a firm believer in exposure and making sure the American People are aware of what is really happening.

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I. Executive Summary:

Mehmet Cengiz Oz

Tactical Rabbit assesses with strong confidence that Mehemet Oz’s connections with foreign governments and patterns of fraudulent behavior are not consistent with the best interests of the United States. Oz’s business interests have ties to the Chinese government’s social credit score system. Additionally, Oz’s dual citizenship with Turkey and ties to Turkish agents in the United States potentially pose a threat to national security. Oz’s pattern of promoting questionable medical practices for personal profit attests to his questionable professional ethics.

II. Key Judgments:

  • Dr. Oz’s flagship company, Sharecare Inc., is owned in part, by Remark Holdings, the company that developed the Chinese social credit score system, “KanKan”. Kai-Shing Tao, the CEO of KanKan sits on the board of both Sharecare Inc., and Remark.
  • Dr. Oz has ties to the Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP). The AKP is the party of the current Turkish president, Recep Erdogan, and is known to be conducting influence operations in the United States.
  • As of late March 2022, Dr. Oz was involved in a breach of contract lawsuit concerning property held by his sisters, Nazlim Oz and Seval Oz. The lawsuit claims Oz withheld funds from the sale of his parent’s apartments in New York from his sisters who live in Istanbul. Additionally, there have been multiple lawsuits filed against Oz for spurious medical claims.
  • Multiple sources, including a study by the British Medical Journal, indicated that Dr. Oz routinely gives dubious medical advice and some sources have called for his medical license to be revoked. Dr. Oz is also a board member of a dubious supplement company, PanTerx Inc.

III. Background

The following represents the evidence of these findings. A profile of Mehmet Oz can be found in Appendix A. Analytical products can be found in Appendix B.Sharecare Inc.Sharecare Inc., was founded by Dr. Oz, Jeff Arnold of Discovery Communications, Harpo Productions, Sony Pictures, and HSW International in November of 2009. The mission of Sharecare Inc., is to develop a AI based healthcare question and answer platform that connects its users with medical professionals, non-profits, and medical associations. Sharecare also includes a social media aspect to it’s platform. The Sharecare platform advertises that it has medical data on over 300 Million individuals.After the creation of Sharecare HSW International was acquired by Remark. Remark then changed it’s name to Remark Media in 2011. Then in 2017 the company changed it’s name once again to Remark Holdings. Between 2017 and 2018, Remark began marketing it’s products in China under the trade name KanKan. Since that time Remark’s surveillance and AI products have been incorporated into the Chinese social credit score system.

Remark Holdings currently holds 4.5% of Sharecare and it’s CEO Kai-Shen Tao is a board member of Sharecare. A 2018 Wired magazine article described Remark, as “The US Company that want’s to help build the Chinese Surveillance State”. Based on the past history of the Chinese Communist Party committing intellectual property theft Tactical Rabbit assesses with some confidence that the healthcare data currently stored in Sharecare’s AI platform may be vulnerable to exploitation by the CCP.

Ties to the Turkish Government

Dr. Mehmet Oz, currently holds dual citizenship with the United States and Turkey. Dr. Oz, has conducted speeches at the events hosted by the Diyanet Center of America (DCA), and the World Turkish Business Council (DTIK). Multiple sources suggest that Dr. Oz has met with the Turkish president Recyp Erdogan several times. Additionally Oz appeared in the state owned Turkish Airlines in-flight safety videos in 2021. According to Turkish Airlines, Oz has worked with the airline since 2017. In 2019 the Turkish media company BiP established a “Dr. Oz channel” on their platform.

In 2014 the Turkish government removed DTIK’s independent status as a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) and federalized the organization. Since that time most western businesses have avoided the organization. In addition to promoting the organization Oz is on the High Advisory Council of DTIK.

The DCA is an AKP controlled religious organization that receives its orders directly from the AKP in Turkey. The organization has multiple Mosques located throughout the United States.

In 2019 Oz took part in a fundraiser for the Turkish American National Steering Committee (TASC). TASC’s co-chair is Guany Evinch a registered agent of the Turkish government. Additionally TASC is linked to the D.C. law firm allegedly tasked by the Turkish government to influence American politicians. Tactical Rabbit assesses with strong confidence that TASC is controlled by the Turkish government and is attempting to persuade the United States to allow Turkey to extradite Fethullah Gulen who currently lives in Pennsylvania. Turkish president Recyp Erdogan blames Gulen for the attempted coup in 2016.

During this fundraiser, Oz was positioned next to Murat Guzel who was investigated multiple times by the FBI for interference in US politics. Guzel is also connected to Imadd Zuberi who is facing charges for acting as an unregistered agent of Turkey in the United States.

Oz, felt strongly enough about retaining his dual citizenship that he served in the Turkish army in the 1980’s after living in the United States for several decades. Although Oz claims he maintained his dual citizenship to care for his elderly mother, Oz and his sisters retained apartments for their parents in New York.


As of late March 2022 Oz was involved with a lawsuit over property that he managed for his parents and sisters. Oz Parent’s Apartments LLC is a company owned by Oz’s sisters who live in Istanbul. According to court documents Oz, who was not listed on the incorporation documents, manages the properties and sold the apartments after his father’s death in 2019. According to court documents, Oz did not give any portion of the proceeds of the sale to his sisters who had a legitimate claim as owners of the property.

In 2014, Oz was brought before the Senate panel on health and science to discuss his spurious medical claims about his “7-Day Miracle Plan” for losing weight. During his disposition Oz stated that he does not personally take the pills that he advertises on his show, nor did he recommend that his family take them either. Oz attempted to deflect accusations from the Senate panel over his weight loss products for the remainder of the panel.

Oz has also been sued multiple times over statements he made on his show. in2016 he was sued by the North American Olive Oil association for claiming “80% of extra virgin oil may be fake”. In 2018 Oz reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit over his Labrada Garcinia Cabogia and Labrada Green Coffee Bean Extract products which he promoted on his show. In 2012 Oz was also sued for making fraudulent medical claims surrounding a cure for insomnia on his show.

Fraudulent Medical Claims

While Oz maintains a valid medical license his ethics and credibility have been questioned multiple times. Oz has been known to promote non science backed cures such as; psychics, iridology, hydrozychloroquine as a covid-19 cure, astrology, obscure roots and herbs to burn fat and cure diseases, and lavender soap to cure leg cramps to name a few. Multiple professional medical journals have called his claims and ethics into question to include the AMA journal of Ethics and the British Medical Journal.

V. Intelligence Assessment:

Tactical Rabbit assesses with strong confidence that Oz has displayed a pattern of promoting his sponsor’s products and ideas even when those ideas have been shown to be harmful or scientifically incorrect. When viewed in context of his potential election to the United States Senate, Oz’s pattern of promoting those who pay him without verifying the validity of their claims is troubling.

Additionally, Tactical Rabbit assesses with strong confidence that Oz’s connections with the Turkish government may pose a threat to national security if he is elected to the United States Senate. While Turkey is currently a NATO member and ostensibly an ally of the United States, the current Turkish regime has been known to have serious human rights violations and have in the past distributed anti US and anti NATO propaganda.

Tactical Rabbit assesses with extreme confidence that the behavior displayed by Oz is not consistent with someone who should be allowed access to sensitive and classified information. His ties to foreign governments such as Turkey and China are not consistent with upholding the interests of the United States, nor is his pattern of publicly supporting unsubstantiated claims conducive to the Ethics required of a United States Senator.