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We fight injustice with intelligence

Our Mission

Tactical Rabbit is a private intelligence agency (PIA) whose mission is uncovering, analyzing and—when required—going public with highly-sensitive or actionable information. We provide secure solutions to a wide variety of clients, including governmental agencies, Fortune 500 companies and high-net-worth individuals, and are known for strongly advocating on behalf of our clients and attracting national media attention as circumstances require.


We provide our clients with legally-obtained intelligence briefings that present the facts, and make impartial recommendations that enable clients to accomplish their goals. We analyze and interpret what often appears to be seemingly innocuous information, and turn it into actionable intelligence. Sometimes, we go public to fight for our clients’ best interests. In a chaotic and rapidly changing world, we protect our clients and help them stay better informed, and make mission-critical decisions.


Tactical Rabbit offers a wide variety of services to governmental agencies, private companies, law firms, financial institutions, high net worth individuals and private citizens, including:

  • Global Intelligence Operations
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Public Advocacy & Activism
  • Legal Support
  • Reputation Defense


We use sophisticated and proprietary investigative tools and techniques that enable us to dig deep, and dive down the “right” rabbit hole. Whether a client is looking to protect assets quietly, or fight the system publicly, our methods are best-in-class:

  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) – Gathered from open sources
  • Cyber Intelligence (CYBINT) – Gathered from cyberspace
  • Financial Intelligence (FININT) – Gathered from analysis of Financial transactions
  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT) – Gathered from a person on the ground
Tactical Rabbit Specialists are Former:
  • CIA Field Operation Officers
  • FBI Special Agents
  • DEA Special Agents
  • Secret Service Agents
  • U.S. Special Forces
  • Intelligence Community Members

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