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About Us

We fight injustice because Justice is the Defense of our Liberty

Tactical Rabbit is a private intelligence organization whose primary mission is defending the United States against foreign and domestic enemies by uncovering and exposing national security threats.

Tactical Rabbit’s secondary objective is advancing the interests of its clients by utilizing CIA intelligence methodologies to convert seemingly meaningless information into actionable intelligence in order to mitigate risk, thereby facilitating responsive rather than reactionary decision-making.

Premium Intelligence Solutions

We dig deep and dive far down the rabbit hole. Our methods are proprietary and they work.

Tactical Rabbit functions for its clients in the same way the CIA serves the President. Tactical Rabbit helps you make better-informed, more educated decisions. Our clients receive intelligence briefings that present the facts and make unbiased recommendations.

What makes Tactical Rabbit the best private intelligence organization in the world? We take what at first appears to be meaningless information and turn it into meaningful actionable intelligence for better decisions. As the markets become more competitive and companies are slammed with more and more regulations, the answer is to seek unique, novel, and legal ways to make informed decisions.

Tactical Rabbit can be procured to perform the following services for Fortune 500 Businesses, Governmental Agencies, Law Firms, and Financial Institutions…

  • Intelligence Operations
  • Analysis & Dissemination
  • Fact-Finding Research
  • Intelligence Training
  • Customized Intelligence Briefings
  • National Security

Tactical Rabbit Specialists are Former:

  • CIA Field Operation Officers
  • FBI Special Agents
  • DEA Special Agents
  • Secret Service Agents
  • U.S. Special Forces
  • Intelligence Community Members