Everett Stern portrait

Meet our Intelligence Director

Everett Stern is the founder and Intelligence Director of Tactical Rabbit, a Private Intelligence Agency that provides clients with legal, business, and national security intelligence. Everett has forged a career based on truth, integrity, and preserving freedom. He is a former candidate for the United States Senate and nationally recognized for his role as a whistleblower in the HSBC bank money laundering scandal that resulted in a $1.92 billion fine, the largest in US banking history.

Everett and the work undertaken by his company, Tactical Rabbit has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, The New York Times, The Guardian, covered extensively on cable news channels and, in the Netflix documentary “Dirty Money.” In addition, he is the author of the book “Dark Money and Private Spies,” that exposes the extensive corruption, espionage, and criminal behavior that seeks to undermine the financial and national security of the United States.