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We fight injustice with intelligence

Our mission is to uncover and expose national security threats, and advance the interests of our clients through risk mitigation and gathering of intelligence.

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What is a Private Intelligence Agency?

Private Intelligence Agencies (PIA’s) are non-governmental agencies devoted to the collection, analysis, and exploration of information. The U.S. Government has modified the procedures used to conduct espionage in the War on Terror. Functions previously performed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA), among others, are now outsourced to PIA’s. According to the New York Times, on average the U.S. Government spends $56 billion or 70% of the U.S. $80 billion national intelligence budget on PIA outsourcing.

What makes Tactical Rabbit the best Private Intelligence Agency in the world?

Our methods are proprietary and they work. We function for our clients in the same way the CIA serves the President. Tactical Rabbit helps you make better informed and more educated decisions by digging deep and diving down the rabbit hole.

We transform what appears to be meaningless information and turn it into actionable intelligence. As the markets become more competitive and companies are slammed with more and more regulations, the answer is to seek unique, novel, and legal ways to make informed decisions. We provide our clients with legally obtained intelligence briefings that present the facts and make impartial recommendations that lead them to success.

What CIA Methodologies Does Tactical Rabbit Use To Gather Intelligence?

  • Open-source intelligence (OSINT) – Gathered from open sources.
  • Cyber intelligence (CYBINT) – Gathered from cyberspace.
  • Financial intelligence (FININT) – Gathered from analysis of monetary transactions.
  • Human intelligence (HUMINT) – Gathered from a person on the ground.
Tactical Rabbit provides Fortune 500 Businesses, Governmental Agencies, Law Firms, and Financial Institutions with the following services:
  • Intelligence Operations
  • Analysis & Dissemination
  • Fact-Finding Research
  • Intelligence Training
  • Customized Intelligence Briefings
  • National Security
Tactical Rabbit Specialists are Former:
  • CIA Field Operation Officers
  • FBI Special Agents
  • DEA Special Agents
  • Secret Service Agents
  • U.S. Special Forces
  • Intelligence Community Members

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