Everett Stern
Intelligence Director and CEO

Everett Stern has forged a career based on the principles of truth, integrity and preserving freedom.
Mr. Stern’s commitment to truth and integrity motivated him to become a whistleblower for federal law enforcement. When he discovered his then employer, HSBC Bank, was aiding terrorist groups and drug dealers, he tried to put a stop to it. When that failed, he turned to the CIA and eventually brought down the illegal operation, resulting in an almost $2 billion fine. In addition to the gratitude of law enforcement, Mr. Stern’s actions grabbed international headlines, was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, and the Netflix documentary “Dirty Money.”
His actions informed his purpose for starting Tactical Rabbit. Tactical Rabbit’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and to protect America’s interests against enemies both foreign and domestic.

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In addition to uncovering corruption and founding Tactical Rabbit, Mr. Stern is a candidate for the United States Senate and founder of Rabbit Capital Management, which in tandem continues his mission of discovering and halting efforts by those who work against America’s interests.

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