Uniden BC75XLT Scanner

Uniden BC75XLT: Public Safety Scanner, Racing Scanner with 300 Channels

Peace of mind is yours with the Uniden BC75XLT handheld public safety scanner that’s narrowband ready for you. Monitor 300 programmed channels, and designate “priority channels” of your own. Easily scan for unlisted frequencies, and quickly locate calls with pre-programmed service searches. Instantly identify local signals with Close Call technology, and use Do Not Disturb to prevent close calls during your transmission. Always be ready to go with saved settings, a USB chargeable cord, flexible antenna for terrific reception, and an easy-to-read backlit display. You can get every channel you need when you need it by designating your priority channels for frequent scanning, plus store up to 300 programmed channels with the built-in memory. You can also easily program your search ranges to find frequencies that are unlisted.

Easily monitor police, fire/emergency, aircraft, ham, marine, and weather bands to cover the most-listened-to bands with pre-programmed searches, so you’ll feel safe wherever you are.

You can immediately tune into signals from transmitters nearby, identify local signals with Close Call technology, and avoid interruptions during your transmission with the Do Not Disturb feature.

Your Uniden BC75XLT handheld scanner is in compliance with new FCC regulations because it’s Narrowband ready.

Whether powered by two AA alkaline batteries or a pair of rechargeable batteries, this scanner is portable, lightweight, and designed to fit comfortably in your hand or your pocket. You’ll never accidentally change your programming with the memory backup. The Uniden antenna provides great reception in areas with high signals.

  • 300 channels
  • Vhf low/high, UHF frequencies
  • Close call RF capture Technology with Do Not Disturb
  • Pc programming port & free software
  • Narrowband compatible
  • You can program up to 300 channels into the scanner’s memory, 30 channels in each of 10 banks. Then, you can scan for transmissions on the stored channels
  • Close Call RF Capture Technology: Close Call automatically detects and tunes to nearby transmissions, even if the frequency isn’t programmed into a channel
  • Runs on 2 AA alkaline or Simple USB charging allows you to recharge your scanner’s batteries from a computer, or adapters for many wireless telephones
  • Narrowband Compliant: Properly tunes to channels using the Narrowband modulation now required for business and public safety operation
  • Ten Preprogrammed Service Search Bands: Easily search for frequencies typically used by Police, Fire/Emergency, Marine, Racing, Civil Air, Ham Radio, Railroad, CB Radio, Weather, and more