Sometimes the danger is not overseas, but down the hallway, in the office. It’s not the foreign power that endangers us, but the manager approving unethical business to hit their bonus, or the engineer cutting corners, or the accountant cooking the books. All of these behaviors expose companies and our citizens to unnecessary risk by putting personal gain over the greater good.
It takes courage to stand up and do the right thing. As one part of our public advocacy platform, Tactical Rabbit works with legal and private clients to enable whistleblower complaints, expose wrongdoing, and hold corrupt individuals and institutions accountable. Our team will connect you with the appropriate people at government agencies to file your claim, give you advice and training in how to proceed, give recommendations for legal services, what to expect after the claim is filed and how to deal with actions taken against you. In certain cases, we will independently seek out other data and information to bolster your claim. Tactical Rabbit’s expertise in whistleblowing has led to billions of dollars in fines.

Our Intelligence Officers assist with:

  • Claim Vetting
  • Documentation Preparation/Review/ Filing
  • Publicity
Tactical Rabbit prides itself in running an anti- money laundering program to assist company’s, individuals, and other institutions in preventing this process and gaining restorative justice.

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