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Travel has always been good for the soul and potentially dangerous for the body.  Tactical Rabbit makes sure that you can get to and from your destination safely with the minimal hassle by employing our 100+ Intelligence Officers across the globe to assess risk and reduce your exposure when you leave US soil. The Tactical Rabbit team will help you prevent and if necessary get you out of an emergency travel situation.

Turnkey Solution

Travel, Intelligence, Security, and Travel Needs services can be purchased separately, as a combination, or as a package.

Itinerary Monitoring

When you travel it is critical that someone knows where you are going and when. Knowing the itinerary of the traveler can be a time and life-saving tool in an emergency situation.

Example: Your daughter is taking a semester off from college to backpack through Europe. As a parent, you do not know the exact locations she will be but have a general itinerary. Tactical Rabbit will store your college student’s itinerary in a confidential database and if necessary use our global intelligence network to locate your loved one or notify the State Department or the FBI depending in case of emergency. In this example, we highly recommend parents to engage in this program when their children are traveling to high-risk countries.

Stolen / Lost Passport

Our intelligence officers will actively assist in ascertaining a new passport for re-entry into the United States. The biggest problem international travelers have is getting to a U.S. Embassy. Tactical Rabbit will arrange transportation or escort you or your loved one to a U.S. Embassy to begin reentry procedures.

Stolen Wallet / Purse

If you or your loved ones are robbed and need funds immediately, Tactical Rabbit will ensure you have the financial resources to get back home. There are no claim forms. There’s no dealing with insurance agents. Clients for this service are accepted on a case-by-case basis with extreme vetting and approval.

Secure Travel Arrangements

Tactical Rabbit will ensure all of your travel arrangements are with trusted and secured vendors.

Our intelligence officers will also check and monitor all terrorist and general risk levels for each specific location you are visiting. We will clandestinely monitor your trip to make sure you arrive safely at each of your destinations. Executive protection and secured car services are also available for an arrangement.

War / Medical Emergency

In the event of war or a medical emergency, Tactical Rabbit intelligence officers will use any and all measures to bring you back to the United States safely. We have access to a global network of private jet companies and we have the capability to conduct an emergency extraction to bring you home safely. This service is extremely important to those that regularly travel to the Middle East especially to Israel.

Kidnapping – Threat to life

If you believe a family member has been kidnapped in a foreign country, Tactical Rabbit will ensure the appropriate authorities are involved and we will assist in tracking and locating your family member. If necessary, Tactical Rabbit will assemble a team of defense contractors to conduct an emergency extraction once your family member is found.

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