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Few men are born brave. Many become so through training and force of discipline.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

A constantly evolving world full of ever-changing threats requires personal growth and new skill development to maintain the edge.  Tactical Rabbit takes CIA training and brings it to the boardroom and backroom, enhancing your perceptions, reactions, and discipline to cope with and control the hostile environments of today’s corporate jungle.

  • AntiMoney Laundering
  • Executive Survival
  • Peak Performance

Executive Training for Urban Survival in a Complex World

Tactical Rabbit’s Urban Survival Course is a one-of-a-kind, intense course modeled on highly specialized U.S. Military Special Operations and CIA training.  It is intended for elite executives who desire to distinguish themselves from their peers and challenge their inner core at the highest levels.  The course transforms participants into true Warrior-Executives with significantly enhanced knowledge and capabilities to successfully identify, deter, and defeat the threats you and your company face. You will also enhance your business skills to be a better and more capable executive leader of your company and its employees.  The Urban Survival Course will significantly increase your awareness and understanding of the myriad threats your company faces in today’s world, including terrorism, criminal activity, counter-intelligence, and the ever-present threat of corporate espionage.

Warrior-Executive training with Tactical Rabbit gives you practical solutions and strategies to not only survive but also thrive in today’s complex world and the many potential threats to your personal and professional life.  The course teaches advanced, highly specialized techniques to stay safe and alert in adverse, hostile situations and environments.  As a leading executive, you already possess advanced business and “human skills” that will be enhanced and supplemented through our decades of experience in utilizing such skills in the intelligence and counter-terrorism arena.

Finally, you will be tested through very realistic, practical exercises to supplement the curriculum and provide you with the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in difficult situations.  This course is not for everyone, but if you think you’re up to the challenge, please contact Tactical Rabbit for details.


0730-1130:  Understanding the Threats to You and Your Company

  • Foreign Perceptions and Views of Americans
  • Threat from Criminal Groups
  • Threat from Terrorist Groups
  • The Counter-Intelligence Threat
  • Corporate Espionage and the Insider Threat  
  • Practical Exercise (PS/TS/Soft Interview)

1130-2130:  Transforming You into the “Warrior-Executive” – Practical Solutions

  • Sound Personal and Travel Security Practices
  • Vulnerabilities of Personal Electronics/Protecting Your Computer and Proprietary Information
  • Practical Shooting – Emergency Situations/Escape and Evasion
  • Emergency Trauma First Aid – Practical Exercise
  • Getting Out of Transportation Conveyances/Office Buildings and Hotel Rooms
  • Restraints and Potential Counter-Measures – Practical Exercise
  • Surveillance Detection Routes and Situational Awareness              

0730-1230:  Preparing You to Survive in Adverse Situations – Advanced

  • Techniques for the “Warrior-Executive”
  • Surveillance Detection Techniques
  • Tactical Driving
  • Urban Escape and Evasion Case Studies
  • Mental State and Preparation
  • Traveling Low Profile
  • Area Familiarization (Safe Zones, Hunker Sites, Emergency communication Sites, Egress Points)
  • Issues Regarding Captivity
  • Hostage Case Studies
  • Practical Exercise (Pub Demo/Spatial Direction)

1230-1530:  Enhancing Your “Warrior-Executive” Skills in the Boardroom

  • Advanced Elicitation Techniques
  • Detecting Deception
  • Advanced Interviewing Skills
  • Heuristics  – Applying Special Operations Tactics to Business

1530-1800:  The Final Challenge – Practical Exercise
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