Public Advocacy | Tactical Rabbit

Tactical Rabbit has conducted Public Advocacy Operations for:

  • Universities
  • Political Organizations
  • Corporations
  • Religious Groups
  • Concerned Citizens

A Public Advocacy Case begins by Tactical Rabbit’s intelligence officers launching an intelligence operation, submitting an intelligence report to the client, and then Everett Stern personally launching a public campaign on behalf of the client. Tactical Rabbit and Everett Stern have NEVER failed to successfully advocate for a client resulting in Mission Success. Everett Stern is Tactical Rabbit’s Intelligence Director, a Fmr. U.S Senate Candidate, and the HSBC Whistleblower. Mr. Stern has a proven track record of success in fighting for what is right by taking on major institutions, public figures, and fighting for large-scale causes.


Tactical Rabbit was right about Sweet Briar College, T-Mobile Sprint, LifeLock, U.S. Hezbollah cells, Students for Justice in Palestine, and many others. 

Tactical Rabbit never makes public a private intelligence operation without the express written consent of the client. Some clients do choose to go public with their intelligence reports because the media pressure and/or public outcry may spur law enforcement or elected officials in Washington to take action.

That said, law enforcement organizations are often flooded with menial requests or are too bureaucratic to accurately and quickly respond to a crisis situation. When asked, Tactical Rabbit can go public with a clients intelligence while keeping all sources confidential (including the client) in an effort to trigger a formal investigation by law enforcement or Congress. It is very important that all potential clients understand that Tactical Rabbit cannot guarantee any Local/State/Federal investigation. Tactical Rabbit is a private intelligence firm and even though we contract with former employees of federal agencies that does NOT mean we have any influence in governmental or law enforcement affairs. Tactical Rabbit does not have any formal affiliation with or connection to the Central Intelligence Agency or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Tactical Rabbit can only promise that our intelligence officers will fight to the bitter end to have your case vaulted into a center-stage position which will hopefully get the attention of the right people that can make a difference.  Tactical Rabbit operates with the highest ethical standards and it is critical all potential customers understand that yes we have had tremendous success in achieving mission accomplished for our clients, but that success was not based on “Special” or “Favor” phone calls to the U.S Government.

Tactical Rabbit’s success in public advocacy is based on ONE factor that we are experts in: Exposing the Truth.