Public Advocacy

Tactical Rabbit's success in Public Advocacy is based on one factor:

Our commitment to exposing the truth.

Tactical Rabbit has conducted Public Advocacy Operations for:

  • Universities
  • Political Organizations
  • Corporations
  • Religious Groups
  • Concerned Citizens

A Public Advocacy Case begins by Tactical Rabbit’s intelligence officers launching an intelligence operation, submitting an intelligence report to the client, and then Everett Stern personally launching a public campaign on behalf of the client. Tactical Rabbit and Everett Stern have NEVER failed to successfully advocate for a client resulting in Mission Success. Everett Stern is Tactical Rabbit’s Intelligence Director, a Fmr. U.S Senate Candidate, and the HSBC Whistleblower. Mr. Stern has a proven track record of success in fighting for what is right by taking on major institutions, public figures, and fighting for large-scale causes.

That said, law enforcement organizations are often flooded with menial requests or are too bureaucratic to accurately and quickly respond to a crisis situation. When asked, Tactical Rabbit can go public with a clients intelligence while keeping all sources confidential (including the client) in an effort to trigger a formal investigation by law enforcement or Congress. It is very important that all potential clients understand that Tactical Rabbit cannot guarantee any Local/State/Federal investigation.

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