Global Intelligence Operations

Tactical Rabbit can go beyond our borders to collect the intel you need.  Applying CIA methodologies, our team performs operations worldwide gathering data and turning it into actionable insights that can give you the edge needed in the global market.

Every intelligence operation is customized to meet the needs of high stakes missions anywhere in the world. Because of our unique experience, expertise, and access to advanced technologies, Tactical Rabbit can perform deep-dive investigations resulting in fully comprehensive intelligence reports. With sophisticated military experience and analytical capabilities, Tactical Rabbit accesses the data that gives members and clients exactly what they need: the truth. Instead of simply handing over raw data and vague information, Tactical Rabbit thoroughly analyzes and interprets the information to reveal what it means.

Tactical Rabbit intelligence officers using HUMINT intelligence acquisition can confidentially and clandestinely investigate any person, entity or phenomenon to uncover the facts and actionable intelligence that lead to the truth.

  • Foreign Due Diligence
  • Foreign Operations
  • Foreign Criminal Data Searches
  • International Asset Tracking
  • Foreign News Searches
  • Person of Interest Tracking

The Target of a Tactical Rabbit Intelligence Operation will NEVER know they are being investigated. Tactical Rabbit uses a network of former CIA, FBI, DEA, Secret Service, and U.S. Special Forces to launch private global intelligence operations with one objective in mind: Mission Success.  Tactical Rabbit International Intelligence Operations are clandestine and confidential both for the safety of the client and the intelligence contractors involved.

At the end of the intelligence operation, Tactical Rabbit provides clients with a custom-tailored intelligence briefing. The detailed intel reports serve top-level corporate decision-makers, hedge fund managers, attorneys, journalists, ambassadors, government officials and others seeking in-depth, focused information and analysis.

Briefings may be customized according to length and time-frequency and may also be provided over a variety of encrypted mediums.

Tactical Rabbit Inc. always protects the names of its contractors, clients, and sources regardless of circumstances. All activities will be planned and carried out in strict adherence to Intelligence Community Directive 304 (ICD 304), International Trafficking Arms Regulations (ITAR), the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and all applicable U.S. laws and regulations, including but not limited to all SEC rules and regulations.

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