Financial Intelligence

Tactical Rabbit has the ability to support Mergers & Acquisitions using the intelligence cycle to mitigate potential risks and downsides and perform due diligence to identify enterprise risk and inform on the acquisition process, merger or alliance before you commit.

Intelligence Cycle

Past Successes

  • A financial services sector client was fraudulently induced through racketeering and wire fraud. Tactical Rabbit located the defendants’ assets and provided the leverage for the client to recoup millions.
  • A pair of investors were extorted out of approximately $6 million. Tactical Rabbit conducted a due diligence intelligence operation that exposed the defendant’s money laundering scheme across several states and possible financial links to extremist individuals.
  • Our client in the digital finance industry was defrauded of over $20 million in cryptocurrency. Tactical Rabbit’s intelligence operation identified all perpetrators and located the stolen funds for asset recovery.

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