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Due Diligence

We conduct affordable full comprehensive due diligence background checks on companies and individuals.

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Let us give you a comprehensive understanding of the companies and individuals that interact with your organization including clients, suppliers, contractors or partners.

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Our intelligence officers provide you with reports that allow you to demonstrate to regulators and auditors that you conduct appropriate due diligence and compliance audits.

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Tactical Rabbit helps you mitigate operational, financial, legal, and reputational risk by providing the intelligence you need to understand your suppliers, partners, acquisition targets, contractors, resellers, grant applicants, and other associates effectively and efficiently.

  • Thoroughly understand the companies and individuals with whom your company interacts and/or does business
  • Better comprehend the complex relationships and affiliations between companies and individuals or companies and other companies
  • Research and stay up to date on key developments with respect to your key clients, suppliers, contractors, or partners
  • Research and vet a potential investment opportunity, partnership, acquisition, or other strategic alliance
  • Ensure the ongoing financial health of key suppliers, clients, or other entities your business relies on
  • Avoid the legal penalties, costs, and reputational damages of being associated with unethical or criminal associates

Enhance your background check with one of these services!


Social Media Search

Our comprehensive due diligence search on social media will give you valuable insights about the target company or individual. It will also throw light on the potential risks which can be of possible threats to you.

  • Being aware of the tone and content of what a person posts online to social media.
  • Our social media investigation team has the complete know-how of conducting an online due diligence investigation and take out relevant and useful information from social media websites.

Negative News Search

Add a negative news report to your background check

  • We help you uncover relationships between seemingly unrelated businesses with corporate hierarchy data.
  • Our search spans 40 years over 26,000+ global robust news archives from international, national and regional newspapers, magazines, journals, newswires and broadcast transcripts.
  • Ensure your organization doesn’t work with a blacklisted company that could put you at risk of fines and reputational damage.

PEP list screening

Gain World Compliance with our Global Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) database search.

  • Global PEP watch list including 1.4 million profiles of PEPs, as well as those of their family members and close associates.
  • Nearly 1,200 watch lists originating from more than 80 countries and translated from multiple languages, covering white collar crimes, crimes against humanity, terrorist threats, non-financial sanctions, payment patterns and insolvencies, disqualified directors and debarred companies, international warrants, national wanted persons, and more.
  • Sanctions-related lists including OFAC Enhanced Sanctioned Countries, Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Non-SDN list; European Union Designated Terrorists Consolidated List, FBI—Hijack Suspects List; Most-Wanted List; Most-Wanted Terrorists List; Seeking Information List; International Police Most Wanted and Red Alerts; Office of Controller of Currency—Unauthorized Banks List; State Department Terrorist Exclusion List; United Nations Consolidated List; World Bank Ineligible Firms List and others
[mk_mini_callout title=”DISCLAIMER”]Tactical Rabbit Inc. is a private intelligence company. Tactical Rabbit is not an investment advisor, accounting firm, law firm, or consumer reporting agency, and does not provide any investment, financial, accounting, legal, or credit advice. Tactical Rabbit Inc. intelligence may NOT be used to make decisions about consumer credit, employers, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purposes that would require FCRA compliance.