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Cyber Intelligence

While everyone enjoys the many benefits that continue to emerge from an ever-developing technological context, the increasing reliance upon information technology also presents a growing vulnerability in the national security and global security landscape both for individuals and governments. The ongoing tension is between allowing for the free spread and exchange of information while at the same time protecting the security of everyone involved. The challenges facing both cyber defense and operational tradecraft are serious and extensive, and Tactical Rabbit deploys its resources to support the fight against cyber-terrorism and cyber-crime around the globe.

Tactical Rabbit Cyber Division in response to Russian cyber attacks against the United States is now offering the following cyber defense capabilities to defend American interests.

Social Media Influence

Tactical Rabbit intelligence officers will launch a social media campaign of influence to promote an American ideology (freedom for example) or will help promote an American Business on social media that targets a region of the world where their interests are at stake. Governmental Intelligence agencies around the world are known for launching campaigns of influence, but now Tactical Rabbit is bringing it to the private sector. As long as the campaign is in the interests of the United States then Tactical Rabbit will use any means necessary to win the hearts and minds of the population you or your business are targeting.

Social Media Network Infiltration

Tactical Rabbit intelligence officers will infiltrate the targeted social media network then monitor posts, gather intelligence, and issue intelligence reports containing detailed analysis. This service is geared towards helping law enforcement, but Tactical Rabbit will take on individual or corporate clients on a case by case basis that requires extreme vetting and approval to ensure legal use. 

Rogue Social Media Accounts

Many companies and governmental agencies forbid their employees to use social media or if they do the content allowed is heavily restricted. Tactical Rabbit will locate a rogue account where a person uses an alias to operate a hidden social media account from their employer to advance a hidden agenda or release trade secrets. Tactical Rabbit will extract then document any inappropriate data and then issue a fully comprehensive intelligence report to the client. 

Untraceable Creation and Use of Fake Online Profiles

Tactical Rabbit will create fake clandestine and untraceable social media profiles so the client can use them in good faith to uncover the truth they are seeking. This service was designed to provide Law Enforcement with intelligence based vehicles so they can conduct criminal investigations penetrating the social media networks of drug dealers. Tactical Rabbit will also create untraceable fake online profiles for individuals and corporations on a case by case basis that requires extreme vetting and approval to ensure legal use.