Cyber Intelligence

In the digital age when moving electrons control billions of dollars and lives, criminals and bad actors have more power and opportunity than ever before.  Tactical Rabbit employs CIA methodologies to protect your electronic information and uncover weaknesses that could be exploited for both legal and illegal gain.

While everyone enjoys the many benefits that continue to emerge from an ever-developing technological context, the increasing reliance upon information technology also presents a growing vulnerability in the national security and global security landscape both for individuals and governments. The ongoing tension is between allowing for the free spread and exchange of information while at the same time protecting the security of everyone involved. The challenges facing both cyber defense and operational tradecraft are serious and extensive, and Tactical Rabbit deploys its resources to support the fight against cyber-terrorism and cyber-crime around the globe.

  • Cyber Fraud Detection
  • Alternative profile detection & tracking
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Dark Web Search

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