Corporate Intelligence

Collect intelligence on your competitors. Gain the advantage.

What used to be reserved for the government and military is now being used to help corporations evaluate and prevent risk to enable smart, data-driven decisions.

We use proprietary tradecraft modelled off of CIA intelligence methodologies to give you the edge needed to succeed.

Tactical Rabbit defends our clients against corporate espionage.

Intelligence Cycle

A Tactical Rabbit intelligence report will provide a roadmap visualizing major business hazards and avoidable risks. Uncovering and reducing corporate risk can translate into smarter business decisions and a healthier bottom line. If you have concerns about your business, Tactical Rabbit business intelligence is an objective information source.

Past Successes

  • An Artificial Intelligence company sought Tactical Rabbit’s assistance in the theft of trade secrets. Tactical Rabbit led an intelligence operation that demonstrated a Chinese tech company with probable connections to the Chinese Communist Party stole the intellectual party. The operation successfully removed the infringing imitation products.
  • Tactical Rabbit aided an energy company that was defrauded of $10 million. Tactical Rabbit’s intelligence operation uncovered evidence that the defendant conducted unethical business practices that enabled our client to recover its lost assets.

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