Corporate Intelligence | Tactical Rabbit

Tactical Rabbit will protect your company and mitigate risk from both internal and external threats. Tactical Rabbit has a proven track record serving as a crucial fact gathering resource that can reveal criminal activity, misconduct, regulatory violations, and corruption. Be the first to know before the shareholders. 

  • Is proprietary company information being illegally sold?
  • Are executives or business partner embezzling from the enterprise?
  • Is the sales department using fraudulent practices to meet their quotas?

Tactical Rabbit Corporate Intelligence Operations are modeled on highly specialized U.S Military and CIA intelligence gathering methodologies. We apply CIA tradecraft in the boardroom. A Tactical Rabbit intelligence report will provide a roadmap visualizing major business hazards and avoidable risks. Uncovering and reducing corporate risk can translate into smarter business decisions and a healthier bottom line.  If you have concerns about your business, Tactical Rabbit business intelligence is an unbiased information source equipping you with the knowledge to make better decisions. Business intelligence operations are frequently needed in these cases:

  • Stock Price Valuations
  • Due Diligence
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Regulatory violations
  • Corporate litigation and legal claims
  • Employee fraud
  • Internal company investigations
  • Allegations of financial misconduct

*Tactical Rabbit Intelligence is Soft Dollar Eligible. 

Tactical Rabbit offers its clients private business intelligence services that are frequently used for mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and corporate investments. Our intelligence officers and analysts will dig deep into the company business and deliver meaningful intelligence. The Tactical Rabbit team can conduct undercover operations alongside employees and engage in covert surveillance of executives both on and off company property. A domestic or international surveillance operation is a purposeful tool regularly used during operations to document the interactions of company employees and involved third parties. Video and photographic evidence can be critical in cases involving missing persons, infidelity, theft, vandalism, terrorism, worker’s compensation or fraud.

Tactical Rabbit business intelligence operations also target corruption, bribery, illegal cross-border financial transactions, beneficial ownership, and industrial espionage. Tactical Rabbit employees pursue the highest legal and ethical standards. We are engaged in operations both domestically and internationally. If your company needs quality intelligence to bolster future decisions in the boardroom or to lower your exposure to dangerous risks, Tactical Rabbit can help you.

Due Diligence

Due diligence operations yield intelligence on an individual or a company. This service uses a full examination and analysis of a target’s background, finances, travel, associates, and daily activity. Tactical Rabbit clients use this service to vet business associates and companies before forging a long-term relationship. Due diligence on an unknown entity has become a vital task firm’s undertake before exposing financial assets or corporate information to a new business partner. A Tactical Rabbit due diligence operation can reveal hidden liabilities and risks in a potential business partner before a merger, corporate purchase, or acquisition. We can help you examine an associates’ company finances, market performance, payment history, past clients, mission, and much more. These tasks are quietly accomplished before sitting down at the negotiating table. Tactical Rabbit intelligence allows you to recognize a good deal and alerts you when to walk away from the table. While conducting due diligence operations in countries around the world, Tactical Rabbit critical analysis has delivered unique insight for our clients.

Don’t make a move in the corporate world without quality intelligence. The knowledge obtained from a due diligence operation may disqualify claims raised by the seller and support a lower transaction price. Allow us to gather quality intelligence on your next transaction that may aid your company in making a more informed decision. 

Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud, fraudulent employee activity, and third-party fraud all warrant immediate action. Tactical Rabbit has the intelligence resources and trained personnel to conduct internal corporate fraud examinations. We can design and launch an intelligence operation capable of uncovering the crime, gathering evidence, and exposing the illegal activity. Through our international media connections and social networks, we also have the means to publicize the wrongful activity across global mainstream media.

Every day, fraudulent transactions take place in boardrooms, offices, and warehouses around the globe. Gathering evidence to prove that fraud has been perpetrated by your company can be a complicated task. A Tactical Rabbit fraud intelligence operation can identify the guilty parties responsible for the illegal scheme and, in some cases, trace the criminal proceeds. Tactical Rabbit experts operate both domestically and internationally. We employ experienced intelligence officers that can help assemble records and gather evidence on the guilty parties. Uncovering corporate fraud may include surveillance of employees, asset searches, beneficial ownership information, and financial document research. Intelligence operations to uncover corporate fraud may expose:

  • Unauthorized wiring of funds
  • Inventory loss and theft of stock
  • Fraudulent invoicing
  • Theft of intellectual property and proprietary information
  • Insider trading of securities and misconduct

Customized Intelligence Briefings

Tactical Rabbit provides clients with custom-tailored intelligence briefings. The detailed business intel reports serve top-level corporate decision-makers, hedge fund managers, attorneys, journalists, ambassadors, government officials and others seeking in-depth, focused information and analysis.

Briefings may be customized according to length and time-frequency and may also be provided over a variety of mediums, including the following:

  • Conference calls
  • Video conference calls
  • Online presentations (webinar-style)
  • Face-to-face meetings at a location of the clients choosing