Small and Large Business all face a rugged competitive landscape, and intelligence is the most valuable asset for business decision making that can create or destroy fortunes.  Tactical Rabbit’s expertise in applying CIA methodologies to the business world can enhance an organizations decision-making capabilities, mitigate risk, and provide new investment opportunities.

Standard business consulting uses a bland approach and offers their client the same old standard easy to read playbook. Tactical Rabbit offers its business clientele with cutting edge never before used CIA intelligence methodologies and a playbook that the opposition will never see coming.

Business Services:

  • CIA Intelligence based business strategies.
  • Risk mitigatation
  • Due Diligence


  • Protection of proprietary information
  • No Regulatory violations
  • Fraud prevention
  • An edge over your opponent in corporate litigation
  • Clandestinely gain knowledge about your competition, business associates, and employees.
  • Be exposed to new investment and growth opportunities.

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