The Constitution begins “We the People…”  We are a country of tremendous wealth and the land of opportunity, and we were built equally by the JP Morgans as the nameless Irish immigrant that swung a pick building the railway.  Under our laws, the average Joe and the ultra-wealthy are afforded the same protections, the same freedoms. Tactical Rabbit embraces the equality of ALL Americans.

The little guy deserves protection from bullies.  It doesn’t matter if it is a college student whose college is taking their tuition while secretly planning to close, or the working mother that is being taken advantage of by the grade school.  Tactical Rabbit is the little guy on the street that will face down the bully, because it is the American thing to do to protect the weak and innocent from the strong and wrong.

Premium Intelligence Tactical Rabbit

Our application of CIA methodologies to Main Street issues have led us to call out abusive police officers, challenge mega-corporations, and pursue fraudulent investment peddlers.  Tactical Rabbit believes it is part of our mission to democratize the Intelligence game, to protect the average American because they are as important under our Nation’s laws and ideals as the elite.  We believe all men and women are created equal, and deserve to have access to the best people and tools to protect their pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness

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