Law Firms 

Law Firms – Litigation Assistance, Location services (Emails, Phone Numbers, Social Security
Numbers), Criminal History, Fraud Investigations, Due Diligence, Negative News Searches,


Private Equity Firms -Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence, Financial Research, Vetting of Investors,
International Compliance, OFAC and Sanctions Checks, Know Your Customer for Investors into the fund, Country
Risk Analysis, Stock Price Valuations.

Hedge Funds – Company research, Fraud & Regulatory Investigations, Investor On-boarding, Due
Diligence, Predictive Analytics, Global Event Driven Arbitrage Analysis.

Community / Investment Banks – AML Compliance (Transaction / Wire Analysis), KYC, Bank
Secrecy Act Compliance, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance.


Fortune 500 Companies – Protection of proprietary company information, Regulatory violations,
Embezzling prevention, Employee fraud, Corporate litigation, Allegations of financial misconduct.

High Net-Worth 

High Net-Worth / High Profile Individuals – Intelligence Training, Travel Support, Investigations for
reputation defense, public advocacy, researching clients own associations preventing PR issues, due diligence on
possible investments or business dealings.


Law Enforcement / Intelligence Community – Investigations / Intelligence operations,
counterintelligence, penetration of organized crime groups, tracking social media profiles of terrorists, gathering as
much personal information (developing profiles) on anyone associated with terrorists and drug cartels (domestic &