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Private Intelligence vs. The Online Background Check

What is an online background check?
The online background check has become a ubiquitous Internet source for looking into someone’s life. Usually costing $30 or $40, any one of several dozen companies will provide you with an instant online background check revealing parts of a person’s professional and personal history. During this online check, a computer algorithm will search variations of an individual’s name and copy raw information from multiple databases or open source directories. When the software encounters a duplicate name, it may ask a verifying question like, “Does this person have family living in Tennessee?” or “Did this person work at Denny’s Restaurant?” The quick answers you provide help the software program narrow its online search. A typical online background check includes criminal records, education and employment history, addresses, and civil records.

While entertaining and informative, these quick results are raw information selected by a software program. You are not accessing intelligence as you would receive in a Tactical Rabbit personal intelligence report.

What is Private Intelligence?
Private IntelligenceOur specialists use Human Intelligence operations (HUMINT) and utilize refined source-screening based on the client’s predetermined criteria. The Tactical Rabbit methods of gaining information on an individual are based on proven military experience and CIA methodologies. Tactical Rabbit intelligence gathering includes direct clandestine contact with informants, associates, and insider sources. Additionally, during a Tactical Rabbit personal intelligence operation, an experienced intel officer gathers data and information from dozens of sources, files, and databases. Each case requires deep-dive examinations that result in a comprehensive intelligence report. We do not use a software program that automatically scans well searched public databases for name variations.

After gathering information and reviewing the data, an experienced intelligence officer carefully analyzes the material, connecting the dots, and creating a personal intelligence report based on the clients’ needs. We interpret data and uncover what it means to our private client. An online background check, using standard software, won’t recognize when an individual is hiding real estate assets in a girl friend’s name. A quick computer background check can’t see the cash paid for weekend hotel rooms or photograph a husband spending $900 in cash at Victoria’s Secret with a young unmarried brunette.

At Tactical Rabbit we deliver personal intelligence; not a computer generated background check or quick “cheating spouse” report.

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These comprehensive personal intelligence services are quite affordable and can fall into the Level 1 or Level 2 price range.

 Level 1 Intelligence$1,000  to  $2,500
Level 2 Intelligence$2,500 to $5,000
Level 3 Intelligence$5,000 to $50,000
Level 4 Intelligence$50,000 to $250,000
Level 5 Intelligence$250,000 and higher
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