Membership Levels

Level Price  
Patriot Membership $35.00 now.
Membership expires after 365 Days.
Professional Membership $500.00 now.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

Membership benefits include

We offer two levels of paid membership

(1) Patriot Membership $35 yr.

(2) Professional Membership $500 yr.

Patriot Membership $35 per year

Support our work by becoming a Patriot Member. The intelligence reports produced by Tactical Rabbit throughout the year are available to the public at no cost. We spend our time and money working overtime to provide actionable intelligence reports on situations that could put Americans at risk. Patriot Members support this work by contributing valuable information to our online community. Patriots also have access to the intelligence briefing room for updates and detailed information all year long. Become a Patriot and help Tactical Rabbit advance our mission of protecting America.

Patriot and Professional Membership Benefits

Patriot Members and Professional Members receive a wallet-size plastic membership card identifying them as a part of the Tactical Rabbit Intelligence Community along with an attractive lapel pin. Both Patriots and Professionals have access to the website’s full intelligence community.

Tactical Rabbit Intelligence & Security Briefings

Patriots and Professionals have full access to the monthly intelligence briefing and can take part in all emergency security meetings. These events are structured as online webinars and are not available to the public. Recorded versions of these webinars will also be available online.

Tactical Rabbit Intelligence Forum, Feeds, and Channels

Both Patriots and Professionals receive exclusive access to the community’s discussion forum, and intelligence feeds. This area is where members of the intelligence community discuss world events, combating terrorism, and strengthing America.

Members Only Email Alert List

Patriots and Professionals can stay connected and up-to-date with the monthly members only email alerts. These signals contain insight from Tactical Rabbit experts on U.S and world events. A follow-up to the alerts is a Q & A forum section accessible to both Patriot and Professional Members.

The Members Only Global Interactive Map

Connected to the forum, is an up-to-date interactive global map tracking terrorism, transnational crime, arms smuggling, narcotrafficking, and other security issues that directly affect U.S. security. Patriots and Professionals have full access to the map and its linked forum areas.

Tactical Rabbit Document Library

Over the years, we have collected a vast archive of informative documents on current cases, people, companies, and organizations. We have been transferring this archive online and will make it available to all members. There are thousands of documents and hundreds of older historical case files. Both Patriots and Professionals have full access to this library.

Tactical Rabbit Intelligence Services (Professional Membership Required)

Only members at the professional level can purchase Tactical Rabbit Intelligence services and gain access to customized intelligence briefings. Professional Members are entitled to personalized intelligence services and briefings. This level of knowledge is not available to the public. We maintain close relationships with many of our Professional Members.

Professional Members are subject to vetting and due diligence. In many cases, Tactical Rabbit intelligence contains sensitive information that reflects our care and concern for protecting America. It is important that this kind of information does not fall into the wrong hands. Consequently, we must identify all Professional Members before permitting access to Tactical Rabbit services. The $500 annual Professional Member fee pays for the new member’s due diligence and vetting process.