Intelligence Analysis & Dissemination

Premium Intelligence Tactical RabbitTactical Rabbit actively receives intelligence from the general public. When Tactical Rabbit makes the decision to take on a case, our team of experts analyzes the provided intelligence, conducts further intelligence collection, and disseminates a public intelligence report. Tactical Rabbit never makes public a private intelligence operation without the express written consent of the client. Some clients do choose to “go public” with their intelligence reports because the media pressure and/or public outcry may spur law enforcement to take action.

That said, law enforcement organizations are often flooded with menial requests or are too bureaucratic to accurately and quickly respond to a crisis situation. When asked, Tactical Rabbit can go public with a client’s intelligence while keeping all sources confidential (including the client) in an effort to trigger a formal investigation. This approach can often result in a case being vaulted into a center-stage position. Tactical Rabbit has the resources and capability to draw significant attention to any case.

Tactical Rabbit was right about T-Mobile Sprint, LifeLock, and Sweet Briar College – three cases that went public and made a real impact on protecting the public.

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