Request For FBI To Investigate Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office

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June 7th, 2018

Christopher A. Wray, Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20535

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General
United States Department of Justice
Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building
950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20530

Re: Formal FBI Investigation into Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office – Civil Rights Violations.

As the Intelligence Director of the Private Intelligence Agency Tactical Rabbit, it is my job to promote justice by launching intelligence operations yielding facts. It is then my responsibility to present the derived facts to the appropriate officials to aid in the decision-making process. I believe with a high degree of confidence that the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office is engaging in the violation of the 14th and 8th amendments. I am officially requesting a formal FBI investigation into the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office again, as there was already a previous FBI investigation into the PBSO in 2015. PBSO internal affairs have stated that there are a number of other officers involved in the Jason Van Dusen case as described below, but have not placed them on suspension. Moreover, an FBI investigation is important to the safety of the President of the United States. The Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office protects the President on his trips to Palm Beach.

The overarching issue is that there appears to be a pattern of civil rights violations and criminal behavior occurring within the PBSO based on the cases outlined below. Based on this pattern, we can only wonder what other violations might be occurring without our knowledge. A public safety issue is clearly evident based on the publicly reported cases. But what is occurring behind the scenes and why is there a critical internal failure occurring within the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office?  Based on the number of civil rights violations and the gravity of the cases, one might ask what is the screening and hiring process of the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office? Why does there appear to be a disproportionate amount of highly racist and criminal actions occurring at PBSO compared to other police departments in the United States?

The FBI website states, “The FBI investigates civil rights violations such as hate crimes motivated by bias against such characteristics as race, religion, national origin, and sexual orientation; color of law crimes involving law enforcement and related criminal justice professionals’ misuse of their right to discretion, such as use of excessive force or police misconduct.”

The Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office has shown that its leadership is unable or unwilling to effectively control its police force. The PBSO has a deep-rooted internal problem that creating a public safety risk, therefore, an FBI investigation into civil rights violations must be launched to protect the public and ensure the police are promoting justice. An FBI investigation should be launched because the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office has demonstrated a consistent track record of civil rights violations as seen below:

  1. June 2018: PBSO Deputy Jason Van Dusen was fired for racist social media posts. Jason Van Dusen posted online photos of himself smoking a cigar while in uniform with the caption, “Taking a break after two shootings tonight.” Another reads “The Taser is like a time out for adults…” Van Dusen refers to an unidentified female and writes: “If I could get away with it, I’d punch her right in the mouth.” In another post Van Dusen shows a frowning black man with the words “….that look when KFC is closed.” Van Dusen also displays a photo of Michelle Obama next to one depicting a “Planet of the Apes” character. The PBSO launched an internal affairs investigation in 2014 and only suspended him for two days despite the extreme level of racist remarks against African Americans, Muslims, Jews, and Women. Based on the evidence and Jason Van Dusen’s recent eventual firing it is critical that all of Jason Van Dusen’s arrests and actions while a police officer are examined. There is a strong indication that Fmr. PBSO Deputy Van Dusen used excessive force, false arrests and fabrication of evidence, and the failure to keep from harm.
  2. June 2018: A PBSO Deputy was suspended for only 40 hours after making the statement on camera “f—ing dirty n—–r’s in my f—ing car.”
  3. December 2017: A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy shot his ex-girlfriend in a parking lot before fatally shooting himself.
  4. October 2017: PBSO Deputy was arrested on charges of burglary and grand theft with a firearm. A Palm Beach County deputy was captured on surveillance video breaking into an 85-year-old man’s home in Boynton Beach after the man was taken to a hospital and died.
  5. October 2017: PBSO Deputy resigned after he was accused of stealing a dying man’s medication when he allegedly entered his home, which was hit by power outage during Hurricane Irma, illegally.
  6. August 2017: A PBSO Deputy was sentenced in Federal Court to a total of 60 months in prison by United States District Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks after previously admitting to the Court that he had provided personally identifying information to another individual who used that information in an identity theft scheme.
  7. June 2017: PBSO corrections officers face fraud charges; 7 deputies in trouble in last 7 months.
  8. March 2017: Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and his chief deputy appear to have misled a state ethics investigator looking into whether they used their position to go after political enemies, the investigator’s findings and sheriff’s records show.

It is critical that justice is promoted, as justice is the defense of our liberties. I have the highest respect for law enforcement, and 99% of police officers are good honest people who are risking their lives to protect Americans. I am concerned about the 1% of police officers who do not have the best interest of the public in mind.


Everett A. Stern, M.B.A.
Intelligence Director
United States of America

Fmr. U.S. Senate Candidate