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Police Officer Conduct & Shooting

By February 4, 2018 No Comments
February 1, 2018
Sheriff Ric Bradshaw
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
3228 Gun Club Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Re: Police Officer Conduct & Shooting

We received an anonymous tip that one of your police officers was acting in an extremely unprofessional manner unfitting for a law enforcement officer. An intelligence operation was launched and the derived conclusions are disturbing. We identified a number of social media accounts belonging to Deputy Sheriff Jason Van Dusen. Your Deputy posted very disturbing statements, policy positions, and photographs in which some samples are below. We did not use tradecraft to obtain the following evidence as Deputy Jason Van Dusen posted the following statements and images himself in an online public forum. To be frank, we have never heard of a law enforcement officer post such an extreme level of racist remarks against African Americans, Muslims, Jews, and Women. The posts below are just a sample, but the thousands of overall posts also concern defamatory remarks against government officials including the President of the United States. While private citizens have a right to free speech a law enforcement officer is held to a higher standard especially considering this particular officer is protecting the President on his trips to Palm Beach.

Moreover, Tactical Rabbit intelligence officers have always supported law enforcement. We have a proven track record of assisting Federal and State Agencies by providing tier 1 intelligence for use in investigations. It is Tactical Rabbit’s mission to expose National Security risks and support the United States Government in protecting all Americans. As a team, we are deeply saddened to issue this letter with supporting evidence against a police officer. We have the highest respect for law enforcement, but Tactical Rabbit’s job is to protect Americans from potential risks. Tactical Rabbit knows for a fact that Deputy Jason Van Dusen’s conduct is NOT a reflection of the rest of the law enforcement community. I am certain that police officers around the country will be disturbed that a fellow officer would publically post such abhorrent material in an online public forum for the world to see.

The most concerning of Deputy Jason Van Dusen’s statements are regarding law enforcement procedures and the use of excessive force. You will see below there is a post by the officer in question that states he was involved in a shooting and includes a picture of Deputy Jason Van Dusen smoking a cigar in his police uniform on the scene in celebration. This particular post is bothersome on a number of levels, but we have the following questions: Who did Deputy Jason Van Dusen shoot? Was there a death involved? Why is the officer celebrating a shooting and posting photos of himself in your departments uniform? Why share the post on twitter?  The officer also made a statement on Twitter about enjoying using tasers and punching women. How many people have Deputy Jason Van Dusen tased and how many women has he punched? Why is a police officer posting a photo comparing the former first lady to a monkey?

Below is a sample of Deputy Jason Van Dusen’s online public posts. Are the following images and statements the official statements of the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office?



Everett A. Stern, M.B.A.
Intelligence Director
The United States of America
Fmr. U.S. Senate Candidate