Fact-Finding Research

Business Intelligence
When you need critical intelligence…Tactical Rabbit delivers

Because of our unique experience, expertise, and access to advanced technologies, Tactical Rabbit can perform deep-dive investigations resulting in fully comprehensive intelligence reports. With sophisticated military experience and analytical capabilities, Tactical Rabbit accesses the data that gives members and clients exactly what they need: the truth.  Instead of simply handing over raw data and vague information, Tactical Rabbit thoroughly analyzes and interprets the information to reveal what it means.

Tactical Rabbit intelligence officers can confidentially and clandestinely investigate any person, entity or phenomenon to uncover the facts and actionable intelligence that lead to the truth.

Tactical Rabbit specializes in HUMINT operations, utilizing very specific source-screening based on the client’s predetermined criteria. Tactical Rabbit intelligence gathering typically entails direct clandestine contact with informants and insider sources. The targets will not know they are being investigated. Tactical Rabbit abides by all SEC regulations and US laws, and its intelligence officers are seasoned in leveraging ingenuity and resourcefulness to legally gather intelligence.  Tactical Rabbit intelligence reports provide clients with meaningful interpretation of non-traditional data – going far beyond mere Internet research to bring the full array of investigative skills into play from the intelligence community.

Tactical Rabbit has the capability to collect information relating to the financial affairs of any person, company, or business entity. After gathering and analyzing this financial data, Tactical Rabbit converts the information into actionable intelligence about a target’s capabilities and intentions. Analysis of raw transactional data and suspicious activity reports (SARs) helps create a detailed picture of a target’s financial accounts and events. The purpose of an FININT operation varies from case to case depending on the needs of a client. We could need to discover:

  • If an entity is hiding wealth and for what purpose
  • To reveal safe havens where the proceeds of crime are obscured
  • Locate large sums of money that have vanished
  • Uncover relationships between terrorist cells or drug traffickers and the flow of financial transactions funding the group

Internet technology generates enormous volumes of raw data. Tactical Rabbit analysts have the experience to refine raw data into actionable intelligence. This rapidly-changing data stream can be a critical factor in the success of any intelligence gathering operation. Cyber data can influence political campaigns, destroy corporate profiles, and end careers. Tactical Rabbit obtains this data in nearly real-time, including “deep web” information hidden from the “surface web” (it is now increasingly recognized that deep web information is the majority of web content). Tactical Rabbit analysts separate the high-value information from the noise and provide clients with clear situational awareness. Tactical Rabbit translates this vast ocean of data into actionable intelligence for the benefit of its clients.

OSINT involves the collection of information and data from any publicly accessible source. This gathering of data can include:

  • Media (newspapers, television, radio, magazines, etc.)
  • Public information (government reports and data)
  • Web-based communities (social media platforms, blogs, wikis, etc.)
  • Worldwide satellite imagery (such as Google Earth)
  • Academic and professional sources (journals, manuscripts, and conference proceedings, etc.)

While OSINT is available to anyone, the Tactical Rabbit difference comes from analyzing and interpreting the information and converting the data into actionable intelligence. This type of intel supports better decision-making.

GEOINT is now primarily thought of as information gathered from satellite imagery (such as Google Earth). However, GEOINT spans a broad range of sources including aerial photography and mapping/terrain data. Geospatial data and information can be gathered from any of the following sources:

  • Maps & Atlases
  • Gazetteers
  • Port plans
  • Gravity data & Aeronautical data
  • Navigation data & Geodetic data
  • Human terrain data (cultural and economic)
  • Environmental data
  • Commercial imagery & LIDAR
  • Hyper and multi-spectral data
  • Airborne imaging
  • Geo-names & Geo-features
  • Urban terrain & Spatial databases
  • Vertical obstruction data & Boundary marker data

SIGINT spans the spectrum of information and data collected through the interception of signals, including communications intelligence and electronic intelligence (lacking speech or text content).

The following represents a sample listing of the kinds of fact-finding research and intelligence investigations Tactical Rabbit engages in:

 Criminal Background Negative News
 Personal Information Business Information
 OFAC Sanctions Relatives, Neighbors, & Associates
 Beneficial Ownership Phone Numbers
 Address Information Educational Background
 Social Security Numbers Driver’s License or State ID
 Passport Number Court Records
 UCC Filings Property Assessments
 Global Watch Lists Domain Footprint & Analysis
 Network Analysis Email Breaches
 Whois Information Hidden Sub-domains
 Deep Web Searches Onion Router Sites
 Reverse Image Searches IP Analysis & Passive DNS
 Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Facebook & Twitter Aliases
 Twitter News & Hashtags Twitter Image Search & Analytics
 Facebook Telephone, Pic. Search Newsgroups, News Archives & Blogs
 FTP Searches Foreign Languages Searches
 Education Searches Classified Ads & Archives
 Online Auctions Dating Sites
 Ethnicity-specific Searches Reddit
 Leaked Document Searches Online Prostitution Searches
 Compromised Accounts Wireless Access Points
 Robot.txt Caller ID Databases
 Cellular Provider Information Real Estate Searches
 Deed Records Tax Records
 Internet Archive Commercial Mailing Addresses

The proprietary methods and techniques used to gather intelligence are a critical ally in protecting client identity and information. Tactical Rabbit uses full non-attribution systems during its data collection processes. This method of investigation protects clients and avoids compromising the party requiring the search. Tactical Rabbit’s highly experienced intelligence officers are adept at operating these search tools and always safeguard the anonymity of those being served. During the information gathering process, Tactical Rabbit intelligence officers are trained to protect all existing business assets.