Fact-Finding Research

When you need critical intelligence…
Tactical Rabbit delivers

Because of our unique experience, expertise, and access to advanced technologies, Tactical Rabbit can perform deep-dive investigations resulting in fully comprehensive intelligence reports. With sophisticated military experience and analytical capabilities, Tactical Rabbit accesses the data that gives members and clients exactly what they need: the truth.  Instead of simply handing over raw data and vague information, Tactical Rabbit thoroughly analyzes and interprets the information to reveal what it means.

Tactical Rabbit intelligence officers can confidentially and clandestinely investigate any person, entity or phenomenon to uncover the facts and actionable intelligence that lead to the truth.

The proprietary methods and techniques used to gather intelligence are a critical ally in protecting client identity and information. Tactical Rabbit uses full non-attribution systems during its data collection processes. This method of investigation protects clients and avoids compromising the party requiring the search. Tactical Rabbit’s highly experienced intelligence officers are adept at operating these search tools and always safeguard the anonymity of those being served. During the information gathering process, Tactical Rabbit intelligence officers are trained to protect all existing business assets.

The following represents a sample listing of the kinds of fact-finding research and intelligence investigations Tactical Rabbit engages in:

  • Negative News
  • Criminal Background
  • Personal Information
  • Business Information
  • OFAC Sanctions
  • Criminal Background
  • Relatives, Neighbors, and other Associations
  • Beneficial Ownership
  • Phone  Numbers
  • Identifying Information
  • Address History
  • Education
  • Person Location
  • Social security number (although it may need to be redacted in some cases)
  • Driver’s license or ID Number (if available)
  • Passport Number (if available)
  • Court Records
  • UCC Filings
  • Property Assessments
  • Global Watch Lists

Domain and Website Information Including:

  • Domain footprint and analysis
  • Network analysis
  • Email breaches
  • Whois information
  • Hidden sub-domains
  • Deep web searches
  • Websites found on the Onion Router
  • Reverse image searching
  • IP Explorer and analysis including passive DNS

Social Media Investigation and Analysis:

  • Instagram, LinkedIn, Yandex, YouTube, Facebook and more
  • Twitter affiliations, aliases, and monitoring
  • Twitter news and hashtag monitoring
  • Twitter image search, analytics, applications, and location searches
  • Facebook profile, telephone, pictures, and private friends searches
  • Newsgroups, news archive, and blog searches
  • Foreign language searches, international search engines and database searches
  • FTP searches
  • Global identification and mapping utilities
  • Education searches
  • Classified ads and archive searches
  • Online auctions
  • Dating sites
  • Discussion forums
  • Message boards
  • Ethnicity-specific searches
  • Reddit
  • Online prostitution searches
  • Compromised accounts
  • Leaked document searches
  • Wireless access points
  • Robot.txt
  • Caller ID databases
  • Extensive email searches
  • Reverse telephone searches
  • Cellular Provider Information
  • Text number searches
  • Real estate searches
  • Deed records
  • Tax records
  • Mailing addresses, both residential and commercial
  • News and RSS feed monitoring
  • Internet Archive

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