Due Diligence Operations

Due Diligence OperationsDue diligence operations produce intelligence on an individual or a company. This service uses a full examination and analysis of a target’s background, finances, travel, associates, and daily activity. Tactical Rabbit clients use this service to vet business associates and companies before forging a long term relationship. Due diligence on an unknown entity has become a vital task firm’s undertake before exposing financial assets or corporate information to a new business partner. A Tactical Rabbit due diligence operation can reveal hidden liabilities and risks in a potential business partner before a merger, corporate purchase, or acquisition. We can help you examine an associates’ company finances, market performance, payment history, past clients, mission, and much more. These tasks are quietly accomplished before sitting down at the negotiating table. Tactical Rabbit intelligence allows you to recognize a good deal and alerts you when to walk away from the table. While conducting due diligence operations in countries around the world, Tactical Rabbit critical analysis has delivered unique insight for our clients.

Don’t make a move in the corporate world without quality intelligence. The knowledge obtained from a due diligence operation may disqualify claims raised by the seller and support a lower transaction price. Allow us to gather quality intelligence on your next transaction that may aid your company in making a more informed decision. If you would like for Tactical Rabbit to examine a significant transaction or potential merger, please complete this form and an intelligence officer will contact you within 24 hours. There is no charge for a consultation and Tactical Rabbit experts may also be able to help your company quietly resolve any issues that may be uncovered during the operation.

Tactical Rabbit specializes in HUMINT operations, utilizing very specific source-screening based on the client’s predetermined criteria.

Internet technology generates enormous volumes of raw data. Tactical Rabbit analysts have experience refining this raw data into actionable intelligence. Separating the high-value information from the noise, provides our clients with clear situational awareness.

Tactical Rabbit has the capability to collect and analyze information related to the financial affairs of any person or corporate entity; even relationships between terrorist cells or drug traffickers.

OSINT involves the collection of information and data from any publicly accessible source. While OSINT is available to anyone, Tactical Rabbit has the capability to analyze and craft this data into actionable intelligence.

GEOINT is now primarily thought of as information gathered from satellite imagery (such as Google Earth). However, this method spans a broad range of sources including aerial photography and mapping terrain data.

SIGINT spans the spectrum of information and data collected through the interception of signals, including communications intelligence and electronic intelligence (lacking speech or text content).

A due diligence operation will deliver quality intelligence promptly. We will coordinate and communicate with you throughout the entire process. If you feel that your organization will benefit from a due diligence operation, please fill out this contact form and an intelligence officer will respond within 24 hours.

 Level 1 Intelligence$1,000  to  $2,500
Level 2 Intelligence$2,500 to $5,000
Level 3 Intelligence$5,000 to $50,000
Level 4 Intelligence$50,000 to $250,000
Level 5 Intelligence$250,000 and higher
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