Customized Intelligence Briefings

Tactical Rabbit provides clients with a custom-tailored intelligence briefing. The detailed business intel reports serve top-level corporate decision-makers, hedge fund managers, attorneys, journalists, ambassadors, government officials and others seeking in-depth, focused information and analysis.

Briefings may be customized according to length and time-frequency and may also be provided over a variety of mediums, including the following:

  • Conference calls
  • Video conference calls
  • Online presentations (webinar-style)
  • Face-to-face meetings at a location of the client’s choosing

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Tactical Rabbit utilizes a wide array of sources in order to provide comprehensive and current analyses on the following:

  • Current Events
  • Business / Political Leader Profiles
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Criminal Justice

Tactical Rabbit’s Intelligence Experts

All reports are tailored to meet the unique needs the client to ensure the delivery of actionable intelligence that results in effective, agile decisions in less time. The proliferation of news and information sources can result in vital intelligence important to a client or member slipping through the cracks. Nothing important goes unnoticed by Tactical Rabbit’s team of experts.

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