Corporate Fraud

Corporate FraudIntelligence Operations to Uncover & Expose Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud, fraudulent employee activity, and third party fraud all warrant immediate action. Tactical Rabbit has the intelligence resources and trained personnel to conduct internal corporate fraud examinations. We can design and launch an intelligence operation capable of uncovering the crime, gathering evidence, and exposing the illegal activity. Through our international media connections and social networks, we also have the means to publicize the wrongful activity across global mainstream media.

Every day, fraudulent transactions take place in board rooms, offices, and warehouses around the globe. Gathering evidence to prove that fraud has been perpetrated on your company can be a complicated task. A Tactical Rabbit fraud intelligence operation can identify the guilty parties responsible for the illegal scheme and, in some cases, trace the criminal proceeds. Tactical Rabbit experts operate both domestically and internationally. We employ experienced intelligence officers that can help assemble records and gather evidence on the guilty parties. Uncovering corporate fraud may include surveillance of employees, asset searches, beneficial ownership information, and financial document research. Intelligence operations to uncover corporate fraud may expose:

  • Unauthorized wiring of funds
  • Inventory loss and theft of stock
  • Fraudulent invoicing
  • Theft of intellectual property and proprietary information
  • Insider trading of securities and misconduct

Fraud perpetrated by transnational criminal organizations often involves the cross-border transfer of funds. Tactical Rabbit is ideally suited to handle international intelligence operations and asset searches. Quality intelligence can be your best ally in combatting corporate fraud. We can help. To discuss your situation with a Tactical Rabbit expert, please click the button below and fill out the contact form, and we will connect you to an intelligence officer who can offer you solutions.

 Level 1 Intelligence$1,000  to  $2,500
Level 2 Intelligence$2,500 to $5,000
Level 3 Intelligence$5,000 to $50,000
Level 4 Intelligence$50,000 to $250,000
Level 5 Intelligence$250,000 and higher
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